Huffington Post Pulls Down Article That Runs Afoul of DNC/HuffPost Guidelines on Russia-gate

Here’s what the link to longtime HuffPost contributor Joe Lauria’s recent article – an excellent summary of recent developments on Russia-gate – looks like 24 hours after it initially slipped by the HuffPost censors.  (The original message on the broken link to the story was “Something Has Gone Terribly Wrong.”)

But fear not, we include below a link to the original text.

Seems a safe bet that it was the anodyne title that Lauria gave his article, “On the Origins of Russia-gate,” that enabled him to duck under the early-warning radar and post his nonconformist piece – if only for a day.  At that point it may have been discovered by the HuffPost double-check thought police still trying to heal from the virulent HWHW (Hillary Would Have Won) virus that has run rampant since November 9, 2016.

Equally possible, HuffPost readers complained.  Small wonder that they would do so.  Having imbibed so much “Russia-gate” Kool-Aid it may have been impossible to stomach recent fact-based news – for example, the information that the Clinton campaign and the DNC chipped in for the scurrilous “opposition research” memo cobbled together by former British spy Christopher Steele.

Lauria sees no reason, other than political censorship, for the un-posting of his fact-based article.  Fortunately, he put the initial posting into a pdf version; see the link below:


‘A Good American,’ banned in Boston, to be Shown Nov. 12 in NYC: Dramatis Personae in Person

High irony, indeed, that a documentary titled “A GOOD AMERICAN” would find it so difficult to appear before a good American audience.  Could someone be hiding something?

The film shows how malfeasance by the National Security Agency played a huge role in failing to prevent 9/11 and how NSA succeeded in covering that up.  That’s right; NSA had enough specific intelligence to prevent 9/11.  Ultimately, that is the main reason why most Americans have been kept in the dark about “A Good American” since this documentary by Austrian filmmaker Friedrich Moser was released almost three years ago.

Additional Background:

Former NSA Technical Director Bill Binney, ‘a Good American,’ resigned from the NSA in October 2001, after 30 years with the agency where he was widely acknowledged as one of its best mathematicians, innovators, and problem solvers.  Binney quit when he saw Bush, Cheney, and the NSA director had chosen to respond to new challenges on electronic communications by adopting illegal, indiscriminate mass-surveillance programs.  These programs not only clearly violated the 4thamendment, but also left the country still more vulnerable to terrorists while diverting billions to private contractors with political connections.

After his resignation, Binney, and colleagues who had worked with him, faced retaliation from the NSA, including guns-drawn dawn raids at their homes in 2007.

Binney continues to be an articulate, deeply knowledgeable critic of unconstitutional mass electronic surveillance, refusing to be intimidated by the NSA despite the risks.

Film director Freidrich Moser tells Binney’s story from his early days as an intelligence analyst during the Vietnam War to his service as a code breaker during the Cold War to his visionary, groundbreaking creation of a program for conducting effective electronic surveillance consonant with the 4th amendment and rule of law.

Binney and his fellow whistleblowers tell the story of how Michael Hayden, then head of the NSA, sidelined their demonstrably effective collection program in favor of a multibillion-dollar boondoggle called Trailblazer, which Binney and his team warned would never work.  They were proved correct, but only after contractors burned through a few billion dollars.

Oliver Stone called “A Good American” a “prequel to his own film Snowden,” and that’s true in more ways than one. Snowden cited the persecution of Binney and his colleagues as a warning that if he did not go directly to the media, his attempt to expose what he called “turnkey tyranny” would be thwarted.

Live-streamed into the hall in Berlin, where Binney was given the 2015 Sam Adams Award for Integrity in Intelligence, Snowden made it very clear, saying, “Without Bill Binney, there would be no Ed Snowden.”


At one can rent ‘A Good American’ for a 72-hour streaming period for $0.99, or so it seems.

A Good American

The German Government Needs to Step Up to the Challenges Posed by the Disarray in Washington: An interview of Ray by Horsta Krum, October 17 in Berlin, published in the daily Junge Welt on Nov. 3

[Krum was kind enough to fix Ray’s German mistakes.]


Intro: Unglaubliches Durcheinander in Washington: Der Bundesregierung kommt große Verantwortung zu, die Kriegstreiberei der USA zu zügeln. Sie kommt ihr nicht nach.

[Incredible Confusion in Washington: The German government has an important responsibility to put the brakes on the warmongering in Washington but is not stepping up to that responsibility. A conversation with Ray McGovern.]


If there is enough interest, a full English translation can be provided.  Please make any requests via

Russiagate: Ray on “Crosstalk” with Peter Lavelle, Ned Ryun, and Bryan Pruitt

Nov. 1, 2017 (26 minutes – but can skip the ads from minute 12:15 to minute 14:40)

The peg for the conversation was the recent indictments of Manafort and lesser fry, and whether Special Counsel Robert Mueller will succeed in getting them to flip and relate (or acquiesce in manufacturing) additional dirt on the President.

Even folks still suffering from the virulent viral infection that broke out on November 9, 2016, affecting the brain of so many Americans (the virus called HWHW for Hillary Would Have Won) have had to swallow hard and agree that Trump is correct in claiming the indictments appear to have no organic tie with “Russia-gate.”

Putin talks informally with young people taking part in the World Festival of Youth and Students in Sochi.

Putin’s passionate appeal to world’s youth: as technology advances, don’t forget God (VIDEO)

late October (12 minutes)


“[Do not forget] the moral component of our work – of any job.  You spoke about biology and medicine here…Genetic engineering will undoubtedly open up incredible opportunities in pharmacology, new medicines. Altering the human genome if a person suffers from genetic diseases.

“All right, that is good. But there is another part to this process. What does it mean? It means that humans acquire the ability to get into the genetic code that was created by nature – or as religious people say – by Our Lord. What practical consequences can this entail?

“It means that…it is already possible to create an individual with the desired features. This may be a mathematical genius, this may be a talented musician; but this can also be a soldier, an individual who can fight without fear or compassion, mercy or pain…

“What I have just said may be more terrifying than a nuclear bomb. When we do something, whatever we may be doing…we should never forget about the moral, ethical foundations of our work. Whatever we do should benefit people, make them stronger – not destroy them.”

Comparisons are invidious (and in this case would be especially so).

The Biggest Revelation Of The JFK File Releases Isn’t In The JFK Files

By Caitlin Johnstone, October 27, 2017

Even the Washington Post page-2 banner headline today points directly to the real story:  “JFK files: The promise of revelations derailed by CIA, FBI.”


Johnstone’s piece is well worth reading.  There is also some useful detail, mirabile dictu, in the Post article – even with its obligatory allusion to how hard it is “to suppress the rampant myths surrounding the murder.”

By far the best book on all this is James Douglass’s “JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters.”  Reading it will go a long way toward explaining why those 30,000 records are still withheld from publication, even in redacted form, and why we may never see them.

The Deep State

Many cling to the belief that the Deep State is fictional; even some of these remain open to factual material that has been mentioned only fleetingly – or simply banned by Deep State co-travelers in the mainstream media.  They may wish to risk having their illusions abused by two real-life case studies, with links, adduced below.

Example A involves a January 3, 2017 Rachel Maddow interview of Washington insider Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, in which Schumer tells Maddow nonchalantly about the dangers awaiting President-elect Donald Trump if he insists on “taking on the intelligence community.”

“Insider Schumer?”  With 18 years in the House and 18 in the Senate, Schumer is the consummate insider.  He has been around long enough to know how the system works.  And, as Senate Minority Leader, he is now an ex officio member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, which is supposed to oversee the intelligence agencies.



Example A:


Those who missed the Maddow show on January 3 may wish to check out this highly instructive one-minute-23-second clip.


Here’s the transcript:

Schumer: Trump ‘being really dumb’ to fight with intel agencies


Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer talks with Rachel Maddow on January 3 about Donald Trump’s antagonistic tweeting at U.S. intelligence agencies over evidence of Russian hacking.

“Let me tell you, you take on the intelligence community, they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you,” Schumer told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow.

“So even for a practical, supposedly hard-nosed businessman, he’s being really dumb to do this.”

Example B:

Please do not feel embarrassed if you know nothing about the facts and analysis offered in the following two (linked) articles: the first one by Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, the second by Ray.  They have to do with the intense effort by President Barack Obama, to protect then-CIA Director John Brennan and thwart publication of a redacted Executive Summary of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s examination of CIA torture based on original CIA documents.  The idea was to stop the presses until Republican Sen. Richard Burr could take the committee chair from Democrat Dianne Feinstein and put the kibosh on the entire (already redacted) 6,700-page investigation report.

The Senate won a rare victory over the Executive in getting the redacted Summary published.  As for Sen. Burr, he has shown himself determined to retrieve all copies of the report.  He just won re-election in 2016, so the CIA torturers can breathe easy for another five years or more.

One lesson here, for those not yet aware: the “flagship” New York Times no longer publishes “All the News That’s Fit to Print” – far from it.  And other papers are content to follow their lead.)  Sadly, The Gray Lady has become a lady of the night – pimped by the Deep State.  Instinctively, you may disagree.  Please don’t do so without reading the pieces linked below:

US Media Ignores CIA Cover-up on Torture

Hiding the Ugly Business of Torture

Why Vladimir Putin deserves a Nobel Peace Prize (seriously)

By Robert Bridge, an American writer who says Putin “has done more to promote the cause of global peace and security than any other Western leader in recent times.”

October 19, 2017

Granted, comparisons can be invidious.  But compare, if you can, the policies of Nobel Prize winner Barack Obama (2009) with those of Vladimir Putin after the Western-arranged coup in Kiev on February 22, 2014.

THE CHALLENGE TO READERS? Disagree? Please write to and explain where Bridge has gone wrong — and why the MSM thought police might want to burn this Bridge, so to speak.  If enough readers respond, Ray will post the results.