Kathy Kelly and Ray interviewed on Tom Klammer’s Tell Somebody:


Last year at this time, Kathy and Ray Witnessed Before Gates of CIA. For more on the Dec. 14, 2013 protest see:

Drone Warfare Protest at CIA Follows Strike on Civilians in Yemen

Kathy was the main speaker. She and Ray were boat-mates, together with other Justice people, on the U.S. Boat to Gaza, summer 2011.

In the Tell Somebody interview Kathy speaks on the day before she was sentenced to 3 months in prison for “criminal trespass” in stepping over the line at Whiteman Air Force Base near Kansas City, MO. Kathy shares her thoughts on drones, prison, and the “gap between law and justice.”

Oddly, Ray, who is a friend of Kathy, also goes on trial for “criminal trespass and resisting arrest” in NY City Criminal Court on Feb. 4. (It’s the next installment in the “We-Won’t Let-You-Into-The-92nd-Street-Y-To-Ask-Petraeus-Awkward-Questions-About-Drones-And-Torture-Even-Though-You-Have-A-Ticket” affair.)

Kathy is typically eloquent, listing the questions she hoped to ask the Air Force brass at Whiteman, if they let he through the gate. She explains how the Court finally concluded that she needs to be “rehabilitated.”

Tom brings Ray in from minute 20:15 and 32:30 to talk about the Senate Intelligence Committee torture report released on Dec. 9; then asks him to discuss his confrontation on Dec. 11 with Pete Hoekstra. He was chair of the House Intelligence Committee, admits to having been fully briefed on “enhanced interrogation techniques,” and continues to defend them. Tom tacks onto the end of the interview the audio of the Pete-and-Ray heated, two-minute discussion on live TV.