Genocide Has Got to Go

HO! HO! SLEEPY JOE, GENOCIDE HAS GOT TO GO! Remember: “Hey! Hey! LBJ, How Many Kids D’You Kill Today?” helped stop genocide in Vietnam? Can we do the same for children in Gaza & the West Bank, where I watched in awe the bravery of youth resisting occupiers

Remote Psychological Assessments

The US’s rivals & friends no doubt perform the same “Remote Psychological Assessments” that the CIA routinely does on foreign leaders. Given Biden’s clear cognitive deficit and somnambulism, what must Putin assume? And what does Netanyahu take for granted?

They Killed JFK, Will We Let Them Kill Peace?

On 60th anniversary of John Kennedy assassination, an unusual look from the ‘inside’. Ray shocked to learn that his first boss (1964) had key role in the coverup. Video starts with JFK American U speech until minute 26:30; then Helen Caldicott, Ray, Q & A.

Canceled With Extreme Prejudice

On Tuesday, Tavis Smiley offered me an hour the next day to address the JFK anniversary. I made the silly mistake of telling his producer what I was likely to say, and then I was CANCELED. Too much breaking news, he said. No offer to reschedule.

From Cold War to Cyber War

As Biden reaches age of ‘statutory senility’ is he beset w/ ‘Irish Alzheimers’? (Dx: You forget all but the grudges – in Biden’s case, against ChiComs & other ‘dictators’) Why the sun never sets on the British Empire? To discuss this & more serious issues:

Biden Screws Up Again

Biden knows a ChiCom “dictator” when he sees one! Screws up again on Xi Jinping. At home Biden captivated by (captive of ?) the Israel Lobby. Larry Johnson and Ray discuss this and update on other current issues with the Judge on the Friday Roundtable.