Lying Our Way into War

Two lies that could grease the skids for war with Russia: 1 – The Russians hacked the DNC in 2016 to get Trump elected; 2 – In recent decades Russia has been threatening NATO and not vice versa. Both are belied by the cold facts. On Zoom with Scott Ritter:

The Fourth Estate – an Accounting

Judge Napolitano & I look into what happened to the Fourth Estate, and why. I found the subject so dismal that I tried to lighten things up a bit with a lame joke – before turning to real low-life examples like NYT’s David Sanger & those who air Petraeus.

The Mother of All Coverups

9/11 Commission Co-chairs Keane and Hamilton admit they were set up to fail. Instead, we got the MOTHER OF ALL COVERUPS. Did eminence grise Cheney intimidate intelligence chiefs to let it happen, then do the same to Establishment media? A look at evidence.