My Friend Julian Assange

About my friend Julian: his selflessness shown in one key example. The charges of “rape” that ensnared him now disproven. If UK Court dispatches him to American “Justice” we already have glimpse (last 5 min) of the kind of ‘Treatment Plan’ readied for him.

Cruel and Unusual Fred Burton on Julian Assange

If UK extradites Julian Assange, listen to suggestions of former deputy director of US Diplomatic Security Fred Burton for JA’s ‘Treatment Plan’. “He needs his head dunked in full toilet bowl at Gitmo. Screw the terrorist; he’ll be eating cat food forever”

Gaza, Trump, and Biden’s Very Bad Week

Judge asked about Gaza, Trump-NATO & Biden’s very bad week. Surely a mixed blessing to avoid prosecution b/c of senility. Unfazed, Joe showed his mettle by getting president of Mexico” to open the gates to Gaza. Not funny; what about the children!!

Unpacking Putin Untruths

“It was not about NATO expansion to include Ukraine!” It was about the devil Putin and his imperial designs on Europe. Get that?! Nima gives me time to discuss that and other untruths that Putin tried to unearth/unpack during his interview with Carlson.