Longform Video with Thomas Karat

Thomas Karat of the Netherlands gave me time and space for a tour d’horizon-type interview and inserted up front ‘This-Is-Your-Life’-type short video clips of me, starting with my Feb. 21 briefing the UN Security Council on sabotage of Nordstream pipeline.

Who Killed Prigozhin?

Did Putin order Prigozhin killed or is Putin the adult in the room? (Memo to Establishment media “Putin did it: he’s a thug, remember?”) Doesn’t seem likely to Ritter, Johnson, me. At Friday Roundtable w/Judge Napolitano, we also talk Ukraine (29 minutes).

Tempering the Tears

‘United States of Tears’ veteran South African journalist Johan Allers titled Aug 16. interview. Allers was close to Nelson Mandela. I tried to temper the tears by citing the miracle of peaceful turnover of power & reconciliation in S Africa. Why not here!

Sensibility from Sarkozy – Ray Discusses on Critical Hour

Neutrality, not NATO, for Ukraine; talks, not escalation, says Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy. Take a look at the map – “Russia is not going anywhere.” Can moderate voices from “Old Europe” prevail? Possible use of “mini-nukes” also discussed on today’s “Critical Hour”.

Just Some Mini-Nukes

Why Joe Biden & son, Blinken, & Sullivan may resort to “mini-nukes”, rather than concede Ukraine defeat & NATO “power failure”. Short answer: only 14 months before election AND they have personal stake. If they lose, there is enough evidence for jail time.

Not So Great Danes

The Danish F-16s going to Ukraine, with all deliberate speed, are so old Hans Christian Anderson worked on them as a flight mechanic before turning to fairy tales – like the tale that F-16s will make a difference in the proxy war. Monday with the Judge & Ray, Aug 21, 2023, 24 min