Nancy Pelosi – Cafeteria Catholic

Nancy Pelosi is what we Catholics call a “cafeteria Catholic.” Not allowed to “hate,” but approved torture & condones largess to MICIMATT (Military-Industrial-Congressional-Intelligence-MEDIA-Academia-Think-Tank) in gross violation of key Judeo/Christian/Islamic tenet of the “preferential option for the poor”. Highfalutin parishes soft-pedal that.

The Turnaround

By James Howard Kunstler
November 29, 2019

Ray’s comment: What a hopeful, instructive, readable take from Kunstler on all this!  It will be unbelievably good news if the truth prevails and Deep State miscreants are brought to justice.  Unbelievably = not yet believable.

With the MEDIA now the key element in the MICIMATT (Military-Industrial-Congressional-Intelligence-MEDIA-Academia-Think-Tank) complex, it will take something of a miracle for the truth to get out, much less to prevail.  That is, unless we all do more than we have been doing so far to give truth a chance and stop cowering at the prospect of being labeled defenders of the clowns in the White House.

Most consequential: whether the whole truth gets out or not, the disingenuous Dems seem doomed by their own dishonesty and ineptitude.  ( See, for example, Scott Ritter’s latest: )
If the Establishment media can suppress Ritter’s excellent piece of investigative journalism, as they have over the past four days … well, just sayin’.

That sayin’ and said, Kunstler’s piece is well worth a close read:


The Turnaround

At yesterday’s Thanksgiving table, fifteen adults present, there was not one word uttered about impeachment, Russia, Ukraine, and, most notably, a certain Golden Golem of Greatness, whose arrival at the center of American life three years ago kicked off a political hysteria not witnessed across this land since southern “fire eaters” lay siege to Fort Sumter.

I wonder if some great fatigue of the mind has set in among the class of people who follow the news and especially the tortured antics of Rep. Adam Schiff’s goat rodeo in the House intel Committee the past month. I wonder what the rest of congress is detecting among its constituents back home during this holiday hiatus. I suspect it is that same eerie absence of chatter I noticed, and what it may portend about the nation’s disposition toward reality.

The dead white man Arthur Schopenhauer (1788 – 1860) famously observed that “all truth passes through three stages: first, it is ridiculed; second, it is violently opposed; and third, it is accepted as self-evident.” America has been stuck in stage two lo these thirty-six months since Mr. Trump shocked the system with his electoral victory over She-Whose-Turn-Was-Undoubted, inciting a paroxysm of rage, disbelief, and retribution that has made the Left side of the political transect ridiculous, and repeatedly, ignominiously so, as their fantasies about Russian “collusion” and sequential chimeras dissolve in official proceedings.

The astounding failure of Mr. Mueller’s report did nothing to dampen the violent derangement. There was no rethinking whatsoever about the terms-of-engagement in the Left’s war against the populist hobgoblin. The solidarity of delusion remained locked in place, leading to Mr. Schiff’s recent antics over his false “whistleblower” and the enfilade of diplomatic flak-catchers tasked to ward off any truthful inquiry into events in Ukraine.

But then, with the Thanksgiving shut-down, something began to turn. It was signaled especially in the Left’s chief disinformation organ, The New York Times, with a week-long salvo of lame stories aimed at defusing the Horowitz report, forthcoming on December 9. The Times stories were surely based on leaks from individuals cited in the IG’s report, who were given the opportunity to “review” the briefs against them prior to the coming release. The stories gave off an odor of panic and desperation that signaled a crumbling loss of conviction in the three-year narrative assault on the truth — namely, that the US Intel Community organized a coup to overthrow the improbable President Trump.

From this point forward, the facts of the actual story — many of them already in the public record, one way or another, and sedulously ignored by the news media — will be officially detailed by federal authorities outside the orbit of the coupsters, and finally beyond the coupsters’ control. The facts may include the uncomfortable truth that Mr. Mueller and his helpers were major players in the bad-faith exercises of the Intel Community against the occupant of the White House.

I’m not so sure that the Resistance can keep up the fight, since their enemy is reality as much as reality’s mere personification in Mr. Trump. 

The violent opposition Schopenhauer spoke of in his three-stage model was just procedural in this case, moving through the courts and committees and other organs of the state. I don’t think the Left can bring the fight to the streets. They don’t have it in them, not even the ANTIFA corps. The hard truths of perfidy and treachery in the upper ranks of government will rain down in the weeks ahead, and when they do, there’s an excellent chance that they will be greeted as self-evident. The Times, the WashPo and the cable news networks will have no choice but to report it all. My guess is that they will display a kind of breathlessly naïve wonder that such things are so. Most remarkably, they might just assert that they knew it all along — a final twitch of bad faith as the new paradigm locks into place.

I expect that we will see something else happen along with that: a loud repudiation of the Democratic Party itself, a recognition that it betrayed the mental health of the nation in its lawless and demented inquisitions. I expect that sentiment will extend to the party’s current crop of candidates for the White House, to the delusional proposals they push, and perhaps even to the larger ethos of the Wokester religion that has programmatically tried to destroy the common culture of this country — especially the idea that we have a duty to be on the side of truth.

Democrats seek to redefine crimes to reframe the Trump impeachment

By Jonathan Turley, November 26, 2019

(And Below This, Two Lists of Postings on Impeachment)

Law Professor Jonathan Turley shuns the academic ivory tower.  Turley was one of most effective lawyers exposing Cheney/Bush war crimes as they occurred, back when he was regularly invited to comment on TV.

Unlike most lawyer/commentators/pundits these days, Turley’s record reflect the reality that his legal analysis and opinions are not only expert, but also — even more important, in our view — apolitical.  In the article linked above, he writes basically that, Nancy Pelosi does not know what she is doing. It is worrisome that her ineptitude and that of those old folks around her could bring four more years for the clowns now in the White House.

That result becomes far more likely, if Establishment media are able to suppress investigative journalism like Scott Ritter’s dissection of how the narrow Ukraine-gate impeachment process actually got started.
Hint: the “whistleblower” was no whistleblower. Nancy has a lot of experience with lipstick but there is no way she will be able to put lipstick on this particular pig; that is, IF Scott’s article gets appropriate media exposure — BEFORE Republicans can make it a “gotcha” talking point and diminish its impact by giving it a partisan color.

Donald Trump Richly Deserves to be Impeached.  To head off possible misunderstanding, we should make clear at the outset that this website has posted multiple articles strongly advocating impeachment.  We associate ourselves with a key disclaimer in Veteran Intelligence Professionals For Sanity most consequential MEMORANDUM FOR The President (July 24, 2017) titled: Intel Vets Challenge ‘Russia Hack’ Evidence. ( See: )  We paste in below the VIPS disclaimer, because it bears repeating:

“Full Disclosure: Over recent decades the ethos of our intelligence profession has eroded in the public mind to the point that agenda-free analysis is deemed well nigh impossible. Thus, we add this disclaimer, which applies to everything we in VIPS say and do: We have no political agenda; our sole purpose is to spread truth around and, when necessary, hold to account our former intelligence colleagues.

“We speak and write without fear or favor. Consequently, any resemblance between what we say and what presidents, politicians and pundits say is purely coincidental. The fact we find it is necessary to include that reminder speaks volumes about these highly politicized times. This is our 50th VIPS Memorandum since our first one on Feb. 5, 2003, critiquing Colin Powell’s UN speech earlier that day. Live links to our 49 earlier memos can be found at”

Impeachment For Cognoscenti, Dummies, and Those In Between

We took some time today to search for some of the key articles on impeachment posted since Jan. 2019.  We will group links to these articles chronologically under List A.  Then we will compile a shorter (chronological) List B with links to postings of background related to impeachment, for those who may have missed key articles when they were posted here or elsewhere during 2019. You may prefer to go through List A, and List B as well, from the bottom up rather than top-down.


1 — Don’t Be Afraid, Nancy: IMPEACH
By Ray McGovern, Jan. 10, 2019

2 — More on Pelosi, the Reluctant Impeacher
By Ray, Jan. 11, 2019

3 — IMPEACH, Nancy!
By Ray, Jan. 17, 2019

4 — Why is Pelosi Allergic to Impeachment”
By Ray, Jan. 19, 2019

5 — Impeachment in Historical Perspective
On Jan. 20, 2019, we cited this highly instructive article depicting the salutary effects of impeaching President Andrew Johnson, even though conviction by the Senate failed by one vote.
Impeach Donald Trump Now, by The Atlantic’s Yoni Appelbaum

6 — Media Faced with Dilemma in Next Phase of Deep State-gate
By Ray, April 9, 2019

Doubly interesting in retrospect.  Who knows what happened to the Nunes referrals?  Will William Barr and John Durham be able to put some spine into the president and persuade him to let it happen this time? Will Establishment media be able to keep pros like Professor Johnathan Turley and former NSA Technical Director William Binney off the TV screen?

7 — Fun From “The Onion”: Shocked Vladimir Putin Slowly Realizing He Didn’t Conspire With Trump Campaign
‘Who The Hell Was I Working With Then?’ Asks Russian President
April 10, 2019, citing The Onion; link:

8 — DNC-Gate: Patrick Lawrence Saw Through It From the Start
By Ray, April 18, 2019

9 — Russia-gate as Organized Distraction
By Ray, August 5, 2019
With small excerpt from Oliver Boyd-Barrett’s piece at:

10 — Red ‘Whistleblower’ Herrings
Consortium News Live (CN), Sept. 27, 2019
(Ray’s segment goes from minute 7:55 to 44:40; the whole CNLive video is worth watching.)

11 — A “Whistleblower” Who Requires Quotation Marks
Ray gets one minute, October 3, 2019, on RT

12 — Attorney General Barr’s Posse Is Mounted, Armed, & Ready, Judging From Attempts to Pre-empt
By Ray, October 5, 2019

13 — What’s Really at Stake with the ‘Whistleblower’ Coup
Ray interviewed for 30 min., October 8, 2019

14 —The Ultimate Case For Trump’s Impeachment/Removal From Office
By Lawrence Wilkerson, October 23, 2019

15 — Impeach Trump: Yes … Because of the Bidens: No!
By Ray, Nov. 6, 2019
Ray’s 1-minute part of the interview starts at min. 4 to the end.

16 — Bye-bye Biden
By Ray, Nov. 20, 2019
A General-turned-pundit from India Can Figure It Out
Includes excerpts from an article by Gen. Vnod Saighal.
(The article’s full text is at )

17 — Ukraine For Dummies
By Ray, November 14, 2019

18 — SCOTT RITTER: The ‘Whistleblower’ and the Politicization of Intelligence
By Scott Ritter, November 27, 2019

19 — Democrats seek to redefine crimes to reframe the Trump impeachment
By Jonathan Turley, November 26, 2019


LIST B  (Please meet James Clapper and John Brennan)

1 — Challenging Clapper at Carnegie
By Ray McGovern, January 4, 2019

2 — TRANSCRIPT: When Clapper Was Asked Real Questions
By Ray, January 6, 2019

3 —A Look Back at Clapper’s Jan. 2017 ‘Assessment’ on Russia-gate
By Ray, January 7, 2019

4 —Clap Trap re Those Very Bad Russians
By Ray,  January 12, 2019

5 — Russia-gate Evidence, Please
By Ray, January 15, 2019

‘Ray McGovern on the New Russiagate’

Interviewed by Scott Horton, Nov. 14, 2019
(58 min., with 1-min. “commercial” break at min. 28)

Ray was asked to elaborate on some of the not widely known events mentioned in his recent “Ukraine For Dummies”. A relaxed conversation, especially suited for those who prefer to take in their information orally.  Covered a lot of ground — not only on Ukraine.