Can “Exceptional” People Be Exceptionally Dumb?

Ray on “The Critical Hour” yesterday discusses why the fallacious premise that the US is exceptional, when it hits reality, makes things very “complicated” for long-in-the-tooth elite folk like Biden, Blinken, (and before them) John Kerry to grasp why it’s so “difficult to align forces.”

Hypersonic History

Russian National Security Council head claims: “For the first time in the history of nuclear missile weapons, our country is ahead of its competitors in this domain; we have hypersonic weapons.” Does this change things re Ukraine? Ray to Judge Yes, BUT …

Intel Roundtable

Larry Johnson & I. Videos of hapless Blinken (please, a brief pause in the genocide), delusional Austin. False flag? Will Hamas be gassed in tunnels? Herzog to NYT “Hamas encouraging civilian casualties to draw global sympathy and blunt Israel’s response.”

From the sublime to the ridiculous

From Camus, Socrates, Aquinas, Chrysostom, Medea Benjamin & Ann Wright to Blinken, Austin, and Armed Services Committee Senators arrogantly misguided, completely corrupt, or both. Ray includes them all on Dialogue Works.

China, Gaza, Indispensability

Judge Napolitano and Ray talk China, Gaza, “indispensability”. Will Muslim nations let themselves be provoked, or do they have powerful non-kinetic tools they can put into play and avoid wider war?

Bobby Jr. Falls Short

(NTD/Screenshot via NTD)

Bobby Jr. wants Secret Service to protect him. What about protection for Palestinian civilians suffering undisguised genocide in Gaza. Your dad & uncle would be blocking NY Penn Station. I know; I worked for them. You fall short on Justice for ALL. Repent!

Over the Top NATO Rhetoric

Lavrov says NATO rhetoric reminds him of ‘Krokodil’ cartoons. “As a child I wondered why imperialists looked so bloodthirsty, worse than the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood.” Back then I too marveled at Krokodil’s ‘over-the-top’ portrayals, e.g. on the FBI.

That’s Not Enough

Photo by Vatican Media via Vatican Pool/Getty Images

Pope Francis called today for a ceasefire in Gaza. THAT’S NOT ENOUGH! Learn From Camus.

By Ray McGovern, October 29, 2023

Albert Camus on What Christians Must Do in the Face of Pure Evil

From a statement by Albert Camus at the Dominican Monastery of Latour-Maubourg in 1948.

And why shouldn’t I say here what I have written elsewhere? For a long time during those frightful years I waited for a great voice to speak up in Rome. I, an unbeliever? Precisely. For I knew that the spirit would be lost if it did not utter a cry of condemnation when faced with force. It seems that that voice did speak up. But I assure you that millions of men like me did not hear it and that at that time believers and unbelievers alike shared a solitude that continued to spread as the days went by and the executioners multiplied.

It has been explained to me since that the condemnation was indeed voiced. But that it was in the style of the encyclicals, which is not at all clear. The condemnation was voiced and it was not understood! Who could fail to feel where the true condemnation lies in this case and to see that this example by itself gives part of the reply, perhaps the whole reply, that you ask of me.

What the world expects of Christians is that Christians should speak out, loud and clear, and that they should voice their condemnation in such a way that never a doubt, never the slightest doubt, could rise in the heart of the simplest man. That they should get away from abstraction and confront the blood-stained face history has taken on today. We need men resolved to speak out clearly and to pay up personally. 

Between the forces of terror and the forces of dialogue, a great unequal battle has begun. I have nothing but reasonable illusions as to the outcome of that battle. But I believe it must be fought, and I know that certain men at least have resolved to do so. I merely fear that they will occasionally feel somewhat alone, that they are in fact alone, and that after an interval of two thousand years we may see a sacrifice of Socrates repeated several times. 

What I know – which sometimes creates a deep longing in me – is that if Christians made up their minds to it, millions of voices – millions, I say – throughout the world would be added to the appeal of a handful of isolated individuals who, without any sort of affiliation, today intercede almost everywhere and ceaselessly for children and for men.

(excerpted from Resistance, Rebellion, and Death: Essays)