The UN rules “arbitrary detention” in Julian Assange case. Ah, but UK Foreign Minister Philip Hammond calls the ruling “frankly ridiculous.”

Frankly, what is “frankly ridiculous” is further proof that “British Justice” is an oxymoron, as Ray learned years ago at his Irish grandmother’s knee. (She and her kin knew quite a lot about “arbitrary detention.”) So Ray found it a little much, reading Hammond’s statement that the UN finding “ignores the facts and the well recognized protections of the British legal system.” Right!

Sadly, that “legal system” has become so corrupted by subservience to U.S. diktat, that the gutsy nobles who forced the Magna Carta on King John 800 years ago must be rolling over in their graves. Same for the servile Swedes – a particular pity, since they once enjoyed a decent reputation on human rights.

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