​Sputnik International interviews Ray about NATO this week sending a “clear signal” to any would-be adversary by building up NATO’s “forward presence” in the East.

Ray explains how tension and small wars are very good for the “blood-soaked” arms trade. He adds, though, that Putin has made abundantly clear that what really worries the Kremlin is the destabilizing effect of Washington’s stepped-up efforts to surround Russia with ballistic missile defense systems.

The Russians do not want to revert to “launch on warning,” but Russian generals cannot take the chance that these incredibly expensive missile defense systems might actually work. We can expect more and more countermeasures.

Ukraine and Crimea are also discussed, as well as the White House functionaries happily bereft of any appreciation of Russia’s security interests, much less Putin’s determination to have them respected – the interests, not the functionaries. National Intelligence Director Clapper has just told Congress the Russians are “paranoid.” Really.


(18 minutes)