Statement by The Partnership for Civil Justice Fund on the Brutalization of Ray Directly in Front of Hillary Clinton

February 18, 2016

“Hillary Clinton says ‘supporting veterans is a sacred responsibility.’ So why, after five years, hasn’t she apologized to Ray McGovern? Newly released documents from Clinton’s private email server speak to his arrest.”

An email exactly five years ago (Feb. 18, 2011) to then-Secretary Clinton from confidant Sidney Blumenthal suggested an apology for what happened to Ray, “because it’s become a minor cause celebre on the Internet among lefties.” But his portrayal of Ray (“Whatever his views, he’s harmless”) may have helped Clinton conclude that no apology was really needed.

Blumenthal noted that Ray once gave the daily presidential briefing to George H. W. Bush, and “is pretty well known in the intelligence community.” But then comes what Blumenthal seems to think the ultimate put-down of Ray: “He’s become a Christian antiwar leftist who goes around bearing witness.”

Ray finds high irony in the fact that what one person considers the ultimate put-down is treasured by the other as the highest of compliments.