Brad Friedman of KPFK/Pacifica radio asked Ray to discuss the significance of President-elect Donald Trump’s reluctance to speak with appropriate reverence and awe about the President’s Daily Brief.  Ray explains his own two-stage reaction to Trump’s remarks; Ray’s comment may surprise you.  He also explains the relative importance of the PDB and NIEs (National Intelligence Estimates) and the roles each play in the intelligence cycle.

December 21, 2016 (33 minutes – from minute 19:15 to 52:00)

Think about it: If you were President-elect Trump, would you submit yourself daily to briefers working for “honorable men” like CIA Director John Brennan, who has gotten malleable media and perfunctory pundits to promote the canard that Trump owes his election victory to Russian hackers?  Brad also asks Ray why he is so sure that the line that Brennan’s anonymous minions are promoting is “a crock.”  (There is a lot more on that in the interviews and articles that follow on