Have we seen this before?  Informed by the same intelligence officials of ill repute who were responsible for the fraudulent evidence concocted to explain the need for war on Iraq, the U.S. is preparing to “retaliate” against Russia for leveraging Donald Trump into the presidency.  The difference this time around is that the deluge of evidence-free, pre-retaliation propaganda has been so effective that those lusting for “retaliation” are getting a totally free pass in virtually all U.S. media.  The government is not required (or even asked) to provide ANY evidence – real or fraudulent – beyond what anonymous CIA officials whisper to tame media stenographers.  Yesterday, Ray discussed media reports of imminent U.S. “retaliation.”

December 28 (8 minutes)


The supreme irony: Yes, there was gross interference in the U.S. electoral process – but the culprits were Hillary Clinton and functionaries in the Democratic National Committee who stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders.  Chapter and verse describing that theft is found in the content of the emails leaked to WikiLeaks – by some insider who could not stomach the corruption is my best guess.  (Does it tell you anything that the top five DNC officials had to resign immediately, two days before the Democratic convention?)


The U.S. media circus orchestra, conducted by maestro John Brennan, made a herculean effort to divert attention from the contentof the emails, by confecting a successful story line that diverted attention to “the Russians,” blaming them for “hacking” highly embarrassing (albeit authentic) emails depicting the screwing of Sanders.  Smugly, the Democrats and the media were convinced Hillary Clinton was a shoo-in for the presidency, once she fly-swatted Bernie Sanders away.  Had the Democratic primary and nomination process not been so clearly corrupted, we would surely be preparing to inaugurate President-elect Bernie Sanders in three weeks.  Enough irony for today?