Emails Were Leaked, Not Hacked

Bill Binney and Ray have authored timely op-ed in tomorrow’s Baltimore Sun, just now posted on line.


NSA needs to be asked, Where’s the beef?  NSA’s multimillion-dollar vacuum cleaner would have sucked up the data to prove it, were it a hack.


National Intelligence Director James Clapper confessed four years ago to lying under oath to the Senate Intelligence Committee, admitting that he had provided testimony that was “clearly erroneous.”  And he has even more serious blots on his record – in facilitating fraudulent intelligence before the Iraq war, for example.  Yet he remains just the kind of guy Senators and Congressmen like to fawn over – and believe.  Unbelievable.


Tomorrow (Friday) we shall see what President-elect Trump thinks of Clapper’s dog-and-pony show.