Latest Claptrap on “Russia Helping Trump Win”

CNN’s Chief International Correspondent Christiane Amanpour lets it all hang out interviewing Russian foreign policy guru Fyodor Lukyanov:

Segment from minute 0:20 to 0:44 shows Amanpour’s loaded-for-(Russian) bear first question:


“Let me first ask you, um, you know, Trump and his team is saying there is zero evidence [on Russia hacking], but do you think that even in Moscow people believe that the Obama administration would have slapped sanctions on Russia and that 17 of U.S. intelligence agencies believe that there IS evidence, isn’t the Russians, or the Kremlin believe there is zero evidence?” (sic)


Reminiscing on the behavior of the Fawning Corporate Media in asserting as flat-fact that lraq had weapons of mass destruction, I was reminded of the kind of questions (and exasperating grimace/gesticulation) with which my VIPS colleagues and I were greeted as the U.S. attacked Iraq, as in:  “Well, really!  If there is zero evidence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, do you believe the Bush administration would have invaded Iraq?  I mean, really?”  So here we go again.