Ray uncovered the 2-minute YouTube video linked below while preparing to speak on panel arranged by the Green Party on January 21 in Washington DC. The other panelists were Sue Udry, Executive Director of the Bill of Rights Defense Committee, and Green Party activist George Friday.  Topic: “Civil Liberties & the Security/Surveillance State.  Introducing the short video, Ray offered it as an example of what we are up against.

Here is a link to 2-minute video showing former House Intelligence Committee chair Pete Hoekstra and Ray in heated argument over CIA torture, which Hoekstra knew about, supported, and continues to support.


Thanks to a very helpful – but apparently not widely known to raymcgovern.com readers – modality called a SEARCH button on his site, Ray readily found and used the YouTube segment showing former Congressman Pete Hoekstra, R, Michigan in spirited discussion with Ray two years ago, just after the Senate Intelligence Committee investigation released an Executive Summary of the results of its 4-year investigation on CIA torture.  {The investigation was based on original CIA documents from headquarters and the field.  While the executive summary was heavily redacted, the scent of blood does not escape its pages, which include sickening detail on the heinous torture practices “approved” – “rectal hydration,” for example.)


Former Vice President Dick Cheney, Department of Justice “lawyers,” and the chairs of the congressional intelligence “oversight” committees (Hoekstra headed the one in the House) all strongly backed “enhanced interrogation techniques” (aka torture – like waterboarding).  Hoekstra, admitted to having been briefed in detail at the time, and sings the praises of the CIA torturers, whom he describes as “heroes.” Ray, in his typically understated way, demurs.