More pics from Palestine

This brave man was convicted of leaking secrets because he blew the whistle on Israel’s nuclear bombmaking capabilities. He spend 18 years in prison, and he is not allowed to leave Israel. He’s also not allowed to meet with foreigners, unless it’s by chance, which this was.

“It’s another nakba for the families,” Jamal says. “And what does it produce? A pile of hatred.”

Ray makes a point

L to R: Matt Hoh, Ken Mayers, Tarak Kauff, a local Hebron resident, Issa Amro of Youth Against Settlements, Ray McGovern, Miko Peled, Mike Hanes, Will Griffin

The crowd sets off from the mosque to try to get to the checkpoint preventing entry to Shuhada Street.

Many of the activists gather back at the Hostel in Hebron, where we stayed earlier in the week. We reunite with Munther and give him one of our sweatshirts. He is delighted and promises to wear it to the demonstration in Nabi Saleh next Friday, when we will see him again.

Ray talks to the sheikh.

Aziz Al-Toury is the head of the village. He serves tea the VFP delegation.