“Flashpoints” anchor Dennis Bernstein interviewed Ray in KPFA’s Berkeley studio the evening before Ray headed home after two gigs in the Bay area.  They discussed front-burner issues in a relaxed, kicked-back sort of way.  In second segment Ray was asked to share impressions from his recent visit to occupied Palestine and Israel.


(1st segment goes to minute 17:15; second runs from 18:55 to 40:00.)


Someone should do some quick research on how high the stock in the manufacturer of Kool Aid has risen amid unprecedented drinker demand among the cognoscenti of New York and Washington, DC.  Politicians and media alike seem to covet every ounce to support their evidence-impoverished campaign to stoke fear of Russia.  In the second segment, Ray shares his experience with the 8-person group of Veteran For Peace activists who just spent two and a half weeks in Israel and occupied Palestine.  (One key learning: Israel is scared to death of the BDS (Bombing, Divestment, & Sanctions) campaign.  If the Veterans For Peace had departed just one month later, they would have run afoul of a brand-new Israeli law that denies entry to supporters of BDS!)


Syria was also discussed: So why is it, after all, that “Bashar al-Assad has to go?”  Cui bono is the continuing chaos in Syria? Oddly, you can read the answer in the NY Times.  Yes, a startlingly honest report slid by the NYT pro-Israel censors, apparently dropping their guard while drinking Labor Day martinis with the hoi aristoi in the Hamptons, as is their custom.  Here is the link to that report; share it with your friends: