The Missing Logic of Russia-gate

Robert Parry, March 20, 2017

The Missing Logic of Russia-gate

Back in the day, intelligence analysts, as well as investigative journalists, were wont to search out real facts and, when necessary, apply something called logic.  In addition to the leaps of imagination and the fallacies pointed out by Bob Parry, Ray for many months has been pointing out serious problems with the major premise upon which FBI Director Comey and NSA Director Rogers – and former officials like CIA Director John Brennan based their shaky syllogism.  In Ray’s view, it strains credulity beyond the breaking point that President Putin would prefer one presidential candidate to the other last year.  Not even the pundits once schooled in geometry seem to remember QED.

A presidential candidate who brags loudly about being unpredictable, and makes every effort to prove it; one who lashes out instinctively to retaliate for any slight – real or perceived.  Put yourself in Putin’s place, as he sized up President Trump.  Is this the kind of character you would as your main adversary with fingers on the nuclear codes?  Is that logical?  The major premise highly dubious, the syllogism falls apart.  Surely some pundits were required to take a course in Logic.  But, with those six-figure salaries to protect, it takes someone with courage – as well as a (sadly) uncommon moral sense – to risk offending The Establishment by calling rubbish rubbish.

As for rubbish, here’s Robert Parry’s most recent comment on what has become of The Gray Lady of the Establishment:

New York Times ‘Tinfoil Hat’ Conspiracy Theory

Robert Parry, March 19, 2017