“U.S. – Russia: From Trust to Tension in Just Three Years”

Ray’s keynote talk at Forum on U.S. – Russian Relations

March 11, 2017; Mount Diablo, California


How Obama almost let himself be mousetrapped into open attack on Syria: Between minutes 13:00 and 29:30 Ray reminisces about the tense times in August-September when President Barack Obama faced into extreme pressure from extreme neocons to do “shock and awe” on Syria; he includes a personal anecdote of a close encounter of a strange kind with neocon archdeacons Paul Wolfowitz and Joe Lieberman.


Where is former JCS Chairman, Gen. Martin Dempsey, when we need him?  President Barack Obama was lucky to have straight-shooter Dempsey around to tell him the truth and enable him to avoid being false-flagged into another unnecessary war in Syria.  No such luck for President Donald Trump, beset with advisers proud of the moniker “Mad Dog.”