Re. Robert Mueller: “Universally Respected” Deep-State Thug

 How NSA Can Secretly Aid Criminal Cases

How NSA Can Secretly Aid Criminal Cases

Ray wrote this on June 12,2014; posted it again today.



Special Counsel Investigating Trump Campaign Has Deep Ties to the Deep State

Former FBI Special Agent and Division Counsel Coleen Rowley, May 17, 2017

Rowley knows Mueller well enough.  She gave this interview yesterday to The Real News Network (TRNN).  The (above) link includes a transcript; well worth reading.

TRNN’s biographic note:  Coleen Rowley says former FBI head Robert Mueller, now appointed to investigate the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia, participated in covering up the pre-9/11 role of the U.S. intelligence agencies and the Bush Administration; helped create the post-9/11 national security/surveillance state; and helped facilitate the pre-Iraq war propaganda machine.  (Rowley and two other whistleblowers were named TIME “Person of the Year” in 2002.)