John B. Wells, who runs the live radio show Caravan to Midnight, asked Ray to be interviewed on May 20 about what has been going down in Washington over recent weeks – especially issues distorted or ignored by the media.  The conversation pretty much covered the waterfront – from “Russian hacking of the DNC” to breaking news regarding former DNC worker, the late Seth Rich, who seems to have been the person who leaked – not hacked – DNC emails and got them to WikiLeaks.

Ray’s segment starts at minute 25:20, and there is a break between minutes 41:50 and 44:30.  Otherwise the relaxed tour d’horizonruns until 2:06:40.  (But listeners can easily press STOP, whenever they wish.)


What about the Cyrillic found on a hack of the DNC?  Ray explains why he believes it more likely that source of the celebrated  “Russian hack” (including Cyrillic) was the sophisticated, “obfuscation”-enabling software developed by CIA/NSA at huge cost over the past 15 years.  Your tax dollars at work.