From Scott Horton: Co-Founder of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity and former CIA Analyst Ray McGovern is on the show to discuss his new article Not Remembering the USS Liberty and the new book by Philip Nelson, “Remembering the Liberty”. Scott and Ray discuss the Israeli attack on the Liberty, how it all ended, and how the captain of the USS Liberty was given the Medal of Honor – not in the White House, but on the aromatic bank of the polluted Anacostia River (so as to keep the event low key and not offend the Israelis!).  Also discussed is the 2013 chemical weapons attack in Syria and Obama’s response, and an occasion when Ray gave Joe Lieberman a lesson in constitutional law.

5/22/17 Ray McGovern talks USS Liberty and Middle East Foreign Policy

Ray also comments on the formidable power of the Israel Lobby; events over the past three years in Ukraine; the shoot-down of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 and the sanctions imposed on Russia nine days later; machinations of ex-NATO commander Strangelove/Breedlove and his “fixed” intelligence on Russia’s troop movements; and the key question as to how much longer the world will have to wait before the Germans realize they can start acting like adults.


May 22, 2017 (minute 1:25 to 1:26:30)