Short speech by Ray before the White House, May 30, 2017, where he talked about the brothers Berrigan and recited “The Fiddler of Dooney.”  Peace activist/photographer/author/attorney Bill Hughes wrote some of it up for the Baltimore Post-Examiner, and included a brief video of Ray’s amateur rendition of Yeats’s uplifting poem.


After a couple of hours of fine speeches at the Lincoln Memorial highlighting the challenges facing those working for peace, Ray thought he would try to inject a somewhat merrier note.  So he ditched his prepared remarks and went with the Berrigans and Yeats.


Those who click on Bill Hughes’s article are encouraged to scroll down to Bill’s video of a short talk by Veteran For Peace member and activist Bruce Gagnon, who discusses the “U.S. pivot to Asia” and the “threat” from North Korea – the ostensible justification for emplacing U.S. missile defense systems around the Asian periphery of North Korea, China, and Russia.  The real reason = what Pope Francis has called the “blood-drenched arms traders.”