Vignettes and Reflections About Robert Parry, The Consummate Outsider Journalist & Founder of — Shared By His Son Nat, John Pilger, and Ray

February 9, 2018 (58 minutes)

Nat Parry, John Pilger, and Ray share stories about journalist Robert Parry who died on January 27 after suffering strokes and undiagnosed pancreatic cancer.  Hosting the telephone interviews was Michael Welch of the Global Research Radio News Hour.

Pilger speaks from minute 2 to 16; Ray from 16:40 to 29:30; Nat from minute 30 to 50 and, lastly, there is 7 minutes of an interview of Robert Parry himself that Welch recorded in December 2017.  There Bob describes the ever increasing challenges to good journalism, including marginalization of alternative journalism by the giant Internet corporations.

Ray took advantage of the chance to tell a highly instructive vignette about Bob Parry and what he called the Establishment (between minutes 20:00 and 23:30).