On April 11, 2018 one of Turkey’s major TV channels, “A Haber,” Skype-interviewed Ray on a number front-burner issues, including Syria, Israel, Skripal, Bolton, Russia-China and — not least — how to explain U.S. policy and involvement in Syria (here’s a one-word hint: Israel).

The wide ranging interview aired in two relatively short segments:

The first segment (minute 00:00 to 10:20) deals with:

— John Bolton; the known “crazy” now advising President Donald Trump;
— How U.S. policy toward Syria is a creature of Israel’s interests;
— The critically important change in the strategic environment, with China in full support for Russia on key issues — like Syria, and Ukraine.  A two-front war, anyone?
(Those who understand Turkish, can watch the minute and a half of commentary that follows.)

The second segment (minute 00:20 to 10:45) includes:
— The Skripal poisoning in London, amid signs that the evidence-impoverished campaign to “blame the Russians” was already falling apart;
— Are the Marine generals working for Trump sane, smart, and courageous enough to stop “crazies” like John Bolton, and others motivated mostly by Israel’s interests, from starting a major war?
— How does current tension with Russia compare with the Cuban missile crisis of 1962?  Short answer: JFK was sane, smart, and listened to advisers who, thankfully, were also sane of mind.  Comparisons with today are as obvious as they are invidious.
— How did senior Israeli officials describe to the NY Times their “preferred outcome” in Syria? This is key to understanding the U.S. role.
(The following portion — minute 10:45 to 14:21 — is in Turkish.)

The interviewers are: ERGÜN DİLER and BEKİR HAZAR. “A Haber” aired the interviews several times.