Ray interviewed yesterday by David Swanson on Talk Nation Radio regarding the bizarre goings-on in U.S. foreign policy, especially vis-a-vis Russia

April 23, 2018 (29 minutes)

Ray began by addressing how the “mainstream” media, the “blood-drenched arms merchants,” and “the crazies” (like national security adviser John Bolton) have put the kibosh on President Trump’s fledgling efforts to respond positively to President Putin’s offer to talk arms control.  Also discussed: how many of those U.S., UK, and French missiles were shot down on April 14 before they reached Syrian targets; the buffoonish l’Affaire Skripal with chemicals “of a type developed by Russia;” drivel from McCain and John Bolton about alleged “Russian cyber-attacks” being an “act of war;” and a dose of nostalgia as Ray sings “Once in love with Amy.”