Deutsche Welle (the “German BBC”) Revisits the Staged Toppling of Statue of Saddam Three Weeks After the Attack on Iraq


April 9, 2018

Deutsche Welle interviewed Ray.  Its report was distributed in many languages. The above link is to part of the English version (excerpts of which are below).  The link to the full German version is: .

The Iraq War: In the beginning was the lie

On April 9, 2003, US soldiers toppled the statue of Saddam Hussein in Baghdad. Fifteen years later we know that this war cost hundreds of thousands of lives, plunged the Middle East into chaos — and was based on lies. …

Ray McGovern is a security services veteran. He worked for the CIA for 27 years, and held senior positions within it. In 2003, he and some colleagues from the CIA and other intelligence services founded the organization Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS), which critically examines US policy. McGovern told DW, “The intelligence was not mistaken; it was fraudulent — and they knew it.” And a significant part of Powell’s presentation was based on intelligence provided by Germany. …

Despite other, more explicit warnings about the veracity of Curveball’s testimony [about mobile bio-weapons labs in Iraq], it became the centerpiece of Powell’s war propaganda. Ray McGovern is certain: “They didn’t care whether Curveball knew what he was talking about. What they had was something they could put on the record, that they could give to these very imaginative and very professional graphics people working for the CIA, and they in turn could render drawings of these nonexistent mobile chemical weapons labs, which of course they did and which Colin Powell featured during his speech.”

How Do You Tell the Kids that Grandma is in Jail for Resisting Nuclear Weapons?

By Frida Berrigan, April 7, 2018

Seven Friends of Ray have been arrested for a Plowshares action, witnessing against Trident nuclear-missile submarines at King’s Bay Naval Base, Georgia.  Phil Berrigan’s daughter Frida ponders how to explain to her little children what Grandma did, why she did it, and why she is in jail.  “Good for her,” says 5 year-old Seamus.

Welcome to Vietnam, Mr. President (from the archives)

By Ray McGovern, March 28, 2009 (from the archives)

As President Trump faces strong opposition from generals, war profiteers, “mainstream media,” and — not least — Israel to pulling U.S. troops out of Syria, here’s a look back to a similar fix another president had gotten himself into — and how he lacked the courage to act as if he were the actual commander in chief.

50 years after Dr. King’s assassination: Ray on White Supremacy (from the archive)

White Supremacy and Military Bases: a Short Talk by Ray on “The White Man’s Burden” — the bloody burden on people of color, and other “others” like the young Palestinian woman, Ahed Tamimi — that is.
January 14, 2018 (17 minutes)

As Assange Remains Isolated, Real-Time Heroes Stand In Solidarity Vigil Outside Embassy
By Elizabeth Vos, April 3, 2018

Long-time activist and organizer Ciaron O’Reilly and others have been keeping vigil outside the Ecuadorian embassy in London ever since Julian Assange sought political asylum there more than seven years ago.  Elizabeth Vos, Editor-in-Chief of Disobedient Media, recently interviewed O’Reilly, who explained:

“In Catholic tradition “to vigil ” is to stay awake. Sometimes to danger as society slumbers. In this case in solidarity with someone under threat — Julian Assange.”

O’Reilly is a member of the Catholic Worker movement founded by Dorothy Day. He told Vos that he was mentored by non-violent, anti-war priests Daniel and Philip Berrigan and, on the eve of the first Gulf War, was jailed for 13 months for disabling a B52 Bomber at an Air Force Base in upstate New York. A decade later he and four others disabled a U.S. Navy aircraft at Shannon Airport before it could fly off to bomb Iraq. “We were charged with $2.5 million criminal damage and were put on trial three times in Dublin and found not guilty unanimously by an Irish jury.

“In 2010 I co-founded a Catholic Worker house for homeless refugees in London. Julian Assange was arrested in London in December 2010, and I attended his first and all other court appearances. Along with my godson, a SAS special forces veteran of the Iraq War, I got the gig of getting Julian in and out of court safely and securely.

O’Reilly described some of the loyal activists who regularly vigil outside the Ecuadorian embassy:

“The embassy solidarity vigil is primarily sustained by a Chilean woman who survived the Pinochet coup, an Irish activist, a Colombian who survived being shot by a death squad, another Colombian torture survivor, and a Greek activist.”

Elizabeth Vos’s entire article is worth a read.

Silencing of Assange Sparks Historic Ten-Hour Online Vigil To #ReconnectJulian

By Elizabeth Vos, Editor-in-Chief at Disobedient Media
March 29, 2018

Right after it became known on March 28 that Ecuador had silenced Julian Assange by cutting off his Internet access, phone, and ability to have visitors at the Ecuadorian embassy in London, friends of Julian orchestrated an online conversation/vigil under the banner #ReconnectJulian, while supporters in London gathered in front of the embassy.

The live-streamed expression of solidarity stretched to over ten hours, and is embedded in Elizabeth Vos’s article. Ray welcomed being asked to take part and spent five of those hours as a panelist. The particular segment in which he was asked to talk about Julian in general and his current predicament runs from 2:49:30 to 3:55:55 (including Q & A).