Why In-Like-Flynn is out; why they hate him so much

Sure, Flynn did some dumb things.  But, hey, that’s not why he became the Establishment’s favorite whipping boy and had to be fired.  Rather, it had to do with Russia.  Flynn’s demise was the first unmistakable sign that the “blood-drenched arms traders,” their neocon allies, and the HWHW (Hillary Would Have Won) Democrats were going to be successful in scuttling Trump’s expressed hope to improve ties with Russia.


April 25, 2017 (17 minutes)


Ray is given enough time to comment on the complex character that is Flynn.  From a four-year, short-history point of view, Flynn’s fall from grace is replete with irony.  As Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, Flynn played an important role in preventing President Obama from firing cruise missiles into Syria in September 2013.  This made him bête noire among those lusting for precisely that kind of “shock and awe.”


Had Flynn not been removed and replaced by Gen. H.R. McMaster (and the NSC political hacks that produce McMaster’s faux-intelligence), Flynn might have committed the same sin three weeks ago.  He may well have tried to restrain President Trump from his unseemly rush to blame Syria for the chemical event in Idlib Province on April 4 and then firing off Tomahawk cruise missiles just two days later – absent any credible proof that the Syrian government was the culprit.


No matter; with the help of the “mainstream” media and arms industry-bought-and-paid-for politicians, Trump’s popularity zoomed.  Neither McMaster nor “Mad-Dog” Mattis put the brakes on Trump’s indefensibly rash decision (there is serious question as to whether they even had enough time to do so).  Then they lied (just as Condoleezza Rice and Donald Rumsfeld did before the attack on Iraq) in attempt to “justify” it.


It is said that those who do not learn from history will repeat it.  Trouble is, the neocons-cum-Israel-lobby, the arms industry, and the HWHW do learn from history.  That’s why Flynn had to go.  Ray welcomed the chance to go into some detail as to how they managed to get rid of Flynn.  Even some “progressive” HWHW-friendly outlets have shown a determination to focus exclusively on other issues – Flynn’s irrational hatred for Iran, for example – and an aversion to seeing anything good in this complex character.  But helping to prevent an unnecessary war was good.

Sputnik Scotland interviewed Ray on April 25 on why the U.S. attitude differs so markedly toward Israel’s formidable nuclear arsenal, on one hand, and Iran’s non-existent one, on the other.  The word hypocrisy came up.

(Ray’s segment runs from minute 29:20 to 32:32.)



Ray recommends also listening to the professor who was interviewed immediately after Ray for nine minutes on the latest developments regarding the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, which was concluded in 2015 to impose additional restraints on Iran’s nuclear program in return for a lifting of some sanctions.


(This was the first interview Ray conducted via Bluetooth-in-car; the sound seems to have come out reasonably well.)

Debunking Trump’s Casus Belli

Intelligence community insiders are getting restless for a whistleblower to step forward.

By Philip Giraldi


WANTED: A sane, patriotic WHISTLEBLOWER, before Defense Secretary James (aka “Mad Dog”) Mattis and his equally mad four-star colleagues ignite a regional – or wider – war by escalating hostilities in Syria.  

Sure, such a whistleblower would run afoul of CIA Director Mike (Mad Dog) Pompeo who, in his first public speech as head of CIA, amply demonstrated that his disregard for the Bill of Rights matches that of the other merry men to whom President Trump has given extraordinary powers.

Pompeo recently “confirmed” that it was the CIA that instantly concluded that the Syrian government was responsible for the April 4 “chemical weapons attack” in Khan Shaykhun, which persuaded Trump to fire cruise missiles at a Syrian airbase two days later.  We were good, and fast,” Pompeo pompously added, “and we got it right.”

(see:  https://www.rt.com/usa/384667-cia-assange-wikileaks-critisize/ ).


Trouble is that’s a half-truth.  (Uncommonly fast? Yes.  But right? No.).  Trouble is many potential whistleblowers in the U.S. intelligence and armed forces communities know it to be a half-truth.  Trouble is we all swore an oath to support and “defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic.”


So, who will have the guts to step up to the plate this time, when the stakes are even higher?


Last time around, in the months before the US/UK attack on Iraq, the only intelligence officers with the courage to blow the whistle were from the UK (Katharine Gun of NSA’s British partner GCHQ), Australia (Col. Andrew Wilkie of the CIA-equivalent Office of National Assessments), and Denmark (Army intelligence officer Major Frank Grevil.)


NOTE for those thinking of doing the right thing this time: (1) Free experienced legal help is available.  And (2) such whistleblower(s) would instantly make the short list of nominees for the annual Sam Adams Award for Integrity in Intelligence (see: samadamsaward.ch/) and could join the 15 awardees (including Katharine Gun and Frank Grevil) so honored, in the wake of 9/11 and the faux intelligence undergirding the flurry of wars it spawned

Ray laments lack of free media in US: CNN* panel discussion: “How the US media covers war and foreign conflict”

*Oops; not CNN but CGTN’s program “The Heat,” on China’s English-language cable channel.  That’s why Ray and co-panelist Sam Sacks were able to speak, to speak freely, and to speak for more than two minutes.


Viewership?  According to the CGTN producer, 80 million in 120 countries, plus viewers at the UN and UN-accredited Missions.  The U.S. on-line community is expanding – but slowly.  As for how many are likely to view this episode of “The Heat,” the producer said: “Definitely hundreds of thousands, if not more.”  (But it would still be good to get some air on “mainstream media.”  Ideas, anyone?)

April 18 (14 minutes)

Sam and Ray talked about the demise of the Fourth Estate, the corruption that largely accounts for the infantilizing of the majority of Americans, who don’t have a clue.

The first part of “The Heat” program (shown before Sam and Ray) includes (1) short clips of two pundits who personify the lamentable state of the Fawning Corporate Media (FCM) – Fareed Zakaria and Brian Williams, and (2) a 13-minute, pre-recorded interview with Peter Galbraith, a former US diplomat, long-time specialist on Iraq, and strong advocate of Kurdish autonomy in northern Iraq, where he has acknowledged having large business – read oil – “activities.”


(13 minutes) 

The Founders had it right:

The basis of our government being the opinion of the people, the very first object should be to keep that right; and were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers, or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter. But I should mean that every man should receive those papers and be capable of reading them.

Thomas Jefferson, January 16, 1787

A popular Government without popular information, or the means of acquiring it, is but a Prologue to a Farce or a Tragedy, or perhaps both. Knowledge will forever govern ignorance: And a people who mean to be their own Governors, must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives.

James Madison, August 4, 1822

How far we have come.  But it is NOT too late – yet.

WANTED: Winter Soldiers

Crucifixion by Drone: Justice Action at Hancock Drone Base, Syracuse

Videos and Update:

Pre-Action Observations by John Amidon, Ray McGovern, and Ed Kinane before starting out for Hancock drone base

April 14, 2017 (11 minutes)


Full live-streamed video:

During the first eight and a half minutes the crosses/drones are set up. Ray was first to mount and be “hung” – in the position, unfortunately, of the “bad thief” to the left of “Jesus.”




Update on Good Friday Arrests at Hancock Drone Base

Syracuse: On Good Friday, April 14, 2017, nine nonviolent civil resisters of Upstate Drone Action were arrested at the main entrance of Hancock Air National Guard Base witnessing against extrajudicial drone killings perpetrated from the base.


Three people hung on large drone crosses representing victims of US drone strikes in seven majority Muslim countries. Eleven others held smaller drone crosses headed by the phrase, DRONES CRUCIFY, each followed by one of these: Children, Families, Love, Peace, Community, the US Constitution, UN Charter, Rule of Law, US Treaties, Due Process, or Diplomacy.


The Good Friday Hancock Drone Action Statement reads, in part, “Good Friday commemorates the crucifixion of Jesus. Recognizing that 70% of our nation identify as Christian, we come to the gates of the Hancock drone base to make real the crucifixion today. As Jesus and others were crucified by the Roman Empire, drones are used by the U. S. Empire in a similar fashion. In Roman times, crosses loomed over a community to warn people that they could be killed whenever the Empire decided. So, too, our drones fly over many countries threatening extrajudicial killings upon whoever happens to be in the vicinity. On this Good Friday, we recall Jesus’ call to love and nonviolence. We’re asking this Air Force base and this nation to turn away from a policy of modern-day crucifixion.”


The 14 “Stations of the Drone-Cross” were confiscated by base personnel.


Hancock Air Base is located on the backside of Syracuse International Airport. It hosts the 174th Attack Wing of the NY Air National Guard – the MQ9 Reaper drone hub. It is also the national Reaper maintenance-training center. The MQ9 Reaper is a robotic, satellite-linked, remote assassin drone. Hancock is currently one of 20 U.S. drone-warfare bases across the U.S., Germany, Australia, Italy, the U.K. and elsewhere. The “Drone Papers”—based on a leak by an internal military whistleblower – show that during a five-month period in 2015, 90% of all drone victims were bystanders, including children.


The civil resistance action is the latest chapter in Upstate Drone Action’s seven-year nonviolent campaign to expose the war crimes in which Hancock AFB plays a role. This resistance against drones is linked to the worldwide effort to ground killer drones and end all U.S. wars. Since 2010 there have been over 170 arrests at Hancock of those witnessing against the grim Reapers.



Ray McGovern, formerly CIA; Jessica Stewart, Bath Harbor Maine Catholic Worker; Ed Kinane, Upstate (NY) Drone Action; Tom Joyce, Ithaca Catholic Worker; James Ricks, Ithaca, NY; Joan Pleune, Raging Grannies, Brooklyn; Mark Colville, Amistad Catholic Worker, New Haven, CT; John Amidon, Veterans for Peace and Albany Friends Meeting; Brian Hynes, Bronx Catholic Worker.


See also:

upstatedroneaction.org          https://www.knowdrones.com/