Flu Shots For Russia-gate Virus

The Nation: Russiagate Is More Fiction Than Fact

By Aaron Maté, October 6, 2017


From accusations of Trump campaign collusion to Russian Facebook ad buys, the media has substituted hype for evidence.


Forbes: There Remains No Evidence of Trump-Russia Collusion

By Paul Roderick Gregory, May 23, 2017



Newsweek: Is This Proof Russia Hacked The Election? Hacker Turned FBI Witness: Report

By Greg Price, August 16, 2017


“President Donald Trump and his defenders have flatly, and correctly, stated that no physical proof of Russia hacking the 2016 presidential election exists or has been brought to light. Indeed, no evidence has been made public, and the final tally of votes and who chose whom has not been questioned, even by the U.S. intelligence community, which firmly stands by its claim that Russia attempted to meddle in Trump’s favor.

“But now, it’s quite possible the creator of a malware program that resulted in one key aspect of last year’s election that certainly helped Trump win could finally be known. In fact, he’s already spoken to the FBI.  …  [the usual drivel follows] …”

Ellsberg, Swanson, and Ray address Vietnam – focusing on 1967-1968

At the World Beyond War conference on Sept. 23 at American University, Daniel Ellsberg (via Skype), David Swanson, and Ray compared notes on Vietnam following a screening of Episode 7 of Oliver Stone’s and Peter Kuznick’s “The Untold History of the United States.”  Ray saw the Vietnam War from the perspective of Washington; he was principal analyst for Soviet policy toward China and Vietnam during the 1960s and a close associate of CIA analyst Sam Adams.

34 minutes; and

6 minutes




Videos of all the presentations at World Beyond War conference, Sept. 22 – 24, 2017 can be found at:


Seymour Hersh Honored with Sam Adams Award; Edward Snowden and Daniel Ellsberg were among those taking part (remotely) in the celebration that followed at American University.

An early-dinner ceremony on Sept. 22, at which Seymour Hersh was given the annual Sam Adams Award for Integrity, while less formal than those of most former years, was well attended by Sam Adams Associates and other supporters who came to honor this year’s awardee.  An account of the proceedings, including a photo of Sy with the award citation, is posted at:



Later that evening at the World Beyond War conference at American University, Sam Adams Associates for Integrity in Intelligence continued to celebrate those who have demonstrated the kind of courage for which the annual award is given.  A highlight was having, as MC of the evening, Annie Machon, a former officer in MI5 (the UK’s FBI equivalent), who years ago blew the whistle on serious wrongdoing in the UK’s secret services and paid the price.


Edward Snowden (Sam Adams awardee in 2013) was live-streamed in, as was Daniel Ellsberg, for the first part of the program.  Then other SAAII members shared remarks out of their own various experiences and perspectives.  Sam Adams Associates were grateful to the World Beyond War and American University for the video recording and the very prompt YouTube postings shared below.


You may find it well worth the time to watch the entire recording.  For convenience, we have broken the various segments down into minutes.


00:01 – 4:30: Guitarist Bryan Cahall with a splendid song


04:30 – Annie Machon, MC of Sam Adams event

09:00 – Elizabeth Murray, remarks and introduction


11:20 – Edward Snowden (by livestream)


12:00 – Edward Snowden (Sam Adams Laureate, 2013)


23:00 – end


23:50 – Annie introduction: Daniel Ellsberg


25:00 – Daniel Ellsberg (via Skype)

34:10 – Ellsberg continues at:

00:01 – to 04:00


04:00 – Annie Machon introduction of next 3 speakers


06:15 – Ann Wright


13:20 – John Kiriakou


20:45 – Ray McGovern


32:00 – Annie Machon introduction of Coleen Rowley and Todd Pierce


32:55 – Coleen Rowley

34:10 – Rowley continues at:

00:01 – to 02:20


02:20 – Todd Pierce


10:30 – Annie Machon concluding remarks


15:15 – end

Seymour Hersh: 16th annual Sam Adams Laureate


The trademark “Oscar” for Sam Adams Associates for Integrity in Intelligence was presented to Sy Hersh at a festive dinner in Washington, DC, on September 22, 2017.  (Part of the candle sitting atop the traditional corner-brightener candlestick holder can be seen in the photo.)

With tensions with North Korea on the front burner, this year’s citation was quite topical:


The Sam Adams Associates for Integrity in Intelligence


Presents its INTEGRITY AWARD for 2017 to:

Seymour M. Hersh

Know all ye by these presents that Seymour M. Hersh is hereby honored with the traditional Sam Adams Corner-Brightener Candlestick Holder, in symbolic recognition of Mr. Hersh’s courage in shining light into dark places.


It has been said: “The pen is mightier than the sword.” We are likely to find out soon enough if that is the case.


Sy Hersh, this year’s Sam Adams honoree for integrity, has had the courage to use his unparalleled access to sober-minded senior officials to expose U.S. government misdeeds.  This may prove to be a more effective deterrent to President Donald Trump attacking North Korea than the nuclear bombs and missiles at the disposal of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.


How can this be true?  Because truth tellers in our national security establishment would tell Sy.  And even if Sy’s words could appear, at first, only in German, as was the case when Sy exposed Trump’s lie about a Syrian Air Force’s “chemical weapons attack” in early April, there is a good chance the world would quickly know – this time, hopefully, before a U.S. attack “in retaliation.”


It seems likely that Trump would be more hesitant to risk having to sit in the war-crime dock at Nuremberg II, than he would be to risk the carnage that an attack on North Korea would bring to the entire peninsula, and beyond.  Such is the potential power of the pen.  Sy Hersh’s pen.


Presented this 22nd day of September 2017 in Washington, DC, by admirers of the example set by the late CIA analyst, Sam Adams


Sam Adams Award laureates John Kiriakou (2016) and former UK Ambassador Craig Murray (2005) join Ray and Randy Credico of WBAI to discuss a number of front-burner issues (see below).


September 19, 2017 (Amb. Murray on libel, etc. – from beginning to minute 10:20; Kiriakou, Murray, Ray “roundtable” – from minute 12:20 to 47:00)


Amb. Murray comments on how the “1 percent” in Britain is cynically using Britain’s draconian libel law to bring him to complete bankruptcy – and silence.  Kiriakou talks about how his telling the truth about CIA torture landed him in prison for 23 months and what he encountered there.  Other subjects discussed include North Korea and the Sam Adams Associates for Integrity in Intelligence, whose honoree this year (SAAII’s 16th) is independent investigative journalist Seymour Hersh.  What lies behind the escalating threats from Washington against WikiLeaks and Julian Assange (SAAII laureate in 2010) is also discussed toward the end.

Ray on his fellow Fordham alumnus John Brennan and just how “distinguished” he really is…

Law and Disorder radio hosts Michael Steven Smith and Heidi Boghosian (attorneys in the mold of the prophetic Michael Ratner) invited Ray to discuss the latest outrage at Ray’s alma mater, Fordham University.  Fordham had just announced the appointment of one of its own, former CIA Director John Brennan (College 1977) as “Distinguished Fellow for Global Security” at the Law School.  Brennan is, indeed, a distinguished fellow, and Ray was given a half-hour to explain just how distinguished, in view of the moral values taught earlier at “The Jesuit University in the City of New York.”


Recorded on September 13, 2017 (Ray’s interview runs from minute 28 to 57.)


It is not as though the Jesuits had not been warned by their own prophets.  For example, in To Dwell in Peace published 30 years ago, Daniel Berrigan, SJ, wrote of “the fall of a great enterprise,” the Jesuit university. He recorded his “hunch” that the university would end up “among those structures whose moral decline and political servitude signalize a larger falling away of the culture itself.”


Dan lamented “highly placed” churchmen and their approval of war, “uttered with sublime confidence, from on high, from highly placed friendships, and White House connections.”  “Thus compromised,” warned Berrigan, “the Christian tradition of nonviolence, as well as the secular boast of disinterested pursuit of truth, these are reduced to bombast, hauled out for formal occasions, believed by no one, practiced by no one.”


Dan died at age 94 on April 30, 2016 in the Jesuit infirmary at Fordham.  His passing seems to have been a blessing for him — in more ways than one.  He would have taken no delight at this latest sign that he had been prescient in seeing where Fordham was headed.