“Difficult to know how much control Trump has over US foreign policy”

Ray interviewed on nomination of Kay Bailey Hutchison to be U.S. ambassador to NATO

July 21, 2017 (six minutes)

Ray sees the nomination of Hutchison as the latest sign that President Trumps is either (1) unable to appoint people known to be in sync with his effort to create a more decent relationship with Russia, or (2) is himself captive to the same misbegotten conceit displayed by Obama in appointing his own ‘Team of Rivals’ – including hawks like Hillary and Bobby Gates – and thinking he could control them.

Just back from Syracuse Friday afternoon, Ray gave a short interview to Russian Channel 1 for its popular Sunday evening prime-time, 60-Minutes-type program, which reaches millions within Russia and hundreds of thousands abroad via satellite.


July 16, 2017 (Ray’s portion runs roughly from minute 5:07 to 6:05.)

For TV, one minute out of a total of 13, is not too shabby.  It’s roughly a minute more than Ray gets on CNN – or any U.S. “mainstream” outlet.  Here he starts out in Russian but, provoked by the antics of Jake Tapper, blurts out the rest in English.  The Russian voice-over is a free translation but accurate, as far as Ray can tell.  For his part, Ray provides his own translation back into English for his segment.

Первый канал – Russian Channel 1: Voskresnoe vremya (The Times on Sunday)

16 июля 2017, 21:05 (July 16, 9:05 PM (Moscow Time)

Отношения Трампа и американских СМИ все больше напоминают дешевую мыльную оперу

Relations between Trump and the American mass media more and more resemble a cheap soap opera

Narrator, showing/interpreting CNN’s Jake Tapper on TV:  «Сергей Кисляк – не только посол, но и шпион. И не только шпион, но и вербовщик шпионов», – заявил ведущий СNN.

“Sergey Kislyak is not only the ambassador, but also a spy.  And not only a spy, but also a recruiter of spies,” declares a CNN lead journalist.

McGovern:  «Бред какой-то, ерунда, сумасшествие. Американцы не любят вникать в суть вещей. Все, что пишут The New York Times и The Washington Post, принимается за чистую монету. Это подозрительно, если ты общаешься с русскими. Я не припомню такого сумасшествия. Разве, что когда я был ребенком – была история с Маккарти. Вот тогда накал был такой же», – отмечает бывший аналитик ЦРУ Рей Макговерн.

(McG translation of voice-over of McG): “Nonsense, rubbish, madness.  Americans don’t know how to look between the lines for the real meaning.  They take at face value everything written in the New York Times and The Washington Post.  You come under suspicion if you are in contact with Russians.  I don’t recall ever seeing such insanity.  Except that when I was a boy, there was the experience with McCarthy.  At that time there was the same kind of heat,” noted former CIA analyst Ray McGovern.


Narrator:  Макговерн неслучайно вспомнил о 40-50-х годах прошлого века, когда с подачи сенатора от Висконсина Маккарти в США начались политические репрессии, названные потом «охотой на ведьм».

(McG translation):  McGovern pointedly recalled the 1940s and 1950s, when political repression began in the U.S., thanks to Senator McCarthy of Wisconsin.  It was later called a “witch hunt.”


McCarthy on film:  «Один коммунист на факультете, и даже в целом университете – один коммунист – слишком много коммунизма», – говорил Джозеф Реймонд Маккарти.

McG translation:  “One Communist on the faculty, or even in the whole university – one Communist – that’s too much Communism,” said Joseph Raymond McCarthy.

Ray’s day in court

Ray will be in Court Wednesday and Thursday in Syracuse to face the music.  He and his Catholic Worker, Jewish mother, and other friends twice blocked the main entrance and exit to Hancock drone base to call attention to the push-of-the-computer-button cowardly killings done in our name. Those of you who, like our Quaker friends, are in the practice of holding Justice people in the Light, please do.


Here is a link to a piece Ray wrote a few years ago on the moral imperative of activism; even more necessary now.



Pasted in below are a couple of links. Ray is grateful to have fallen in with the very best people to be in trouble with, witnessing at Hancock Drone Base, Syracuse, New York

Jerry Berrigan Brigade, January 28, 2016



Crucified by Drones: Good Friday, April 14, 2017


(includes 5-minute video of Nativity Scene Action at Hancock Drone Base:

If Herod Had Drones, Jesus, Mary, and Joseph Would Have Been Incinerated)


REQUIRED READING: Stephen Cohen on the Nonsense About Russia


Tucker Carlson welcomes Russian historian Stephen Cohen for some sanity on Russia.  Cohen hits a home run, exposing the neo-McCarthy campaign about the “evil Russians” and all those who dare speak to them

July 8, 2017 (five minutes)



Even better, here’s a 27-minute clip titled “Professor Stephen Cohen Intellectually Destroys Russophobia.”  Not clear who provided the title, but it is not far off the mark.  Cohen is speaking at the AJC Global Forum five weeks ago.

When will we ever learn?

Here is what Mosul, which used to be one of Iraq’s most populous cities, looks like now, after “coalition” forces destroyed the city in order to save it.

(two minutes)

Looking back, bombs, rockets and napalm obliterated much of the South Vietnamese town of Ben Tre — killing hundreds of civilians who lived there, on February 7, 1968. (The U.S. military, you see, had to destroy the town in order to save it from the terrorists, err, I mean Communists…whatever.)

Later that day, an unidentified American officer gave Associated Press reporter Peter Arnett a memorable explanation for the destruction. Arnett used it in the opening of the story he wrote:

“It became necessary to destroy the town to save it,” a U.S. major said Wednesday.
He was talking about the grim decision that allied commanders made when Viet Cong attackers overran most of this Mekong Delta city 45 miles southwest of Saigon. They decided that regardless of civilian casualties they must bomb and shell the once placid river city of 35,000 to rout the Viet Cong forces.