Ray discusses with RT International the latest claptrap from Clapper, the Director of National Intelligence.


Two months ago, in a moment of inadvertent candor, Clapper called the raft of reporting about Russia trying to influence the U.S. election “hyperventilation.”  He added, though, in the next breath (a la the film “Casablanca”) that the “usual suspects” were being pursued and “unnamed government sources” quickly indicated that Russia was the most likely culprit to have had a hand in providing email grist for nasty people who don’t like Hillary .


Ray cannot get out his head words from an old college ditty: “…when a gentleman dapper stepped out of the crapper, and these are the words that he said.”  On September 20, the words the dapper Clapper said were essentially the same as what he said two months ago.  At an evening event sponsored by the Washington Post, Clapper suggested Russia was behind the computer hacking of emails from the Democratic Party.  Ray tried, again, to explain the Magnificent Diversion mounted by Hillary and the media to turn attention away from the content of those email records (blame Russia, blame Assange, poor Hillary, they are trying to sabotage her, and the Russians want Trump to win).

In a word, the emails show Hillary and the DNC stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders.  Ray added a few words about gentleman dapper Clapper’s credibility, or lack thereof.

(4 minutes)