Ray was recently invited to sit down in a studio within sight of the Blue Ridge Mountains – and talk.  Being outside the Beltway, Ray welcomed the chance to relax and unwind.  Being Irish, he welcomed the chance to, well, tell stories – many of them this-is-your-life-type, true (and still relevant) stories.  Being frequently frustrated by time-bites and five-minute TV and radio interviews, he was happy to have enough time to provide some in-depth background.

Being curious about how the interview came out, he just watched a bit of it; thought it “not too bad,” as his Irish cousins might say; and suggested it be posted here for others to decide for themselves.  One can cover a lot of territory in two-plus hours.  Ray enjoyed it and suggests that you consider taking a look, on the chance you might also enjoy it – whether for its substance, as a remedy for insomnia, or conceivably both.


January 10, 2017 (2 hours, 15 minutes)