Why In-Like-Flynn is out; why they hate him so much

Sure, Flynn did some dumb things.  But, hey, that’s not why he became the Establishment’s favorite whipping boy and had to be fired.  Rather, it had to do with Russia.  Flynn’s demise was the first unmistakable sign that the “blood-drenched arms traders,” their neocon allies, and the HWHW (Hillary Would Have Won) Democrats were going to be successful in scuttling Trump’s expressed hope to improve ties with Russia.


April 25, 2017 (17 minutes)


Ray is given enough time to comment on the complex character that is Flynn.  From a four-year, short-history point of view, Flynn’s fall from grace is replete with irony.  As Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, Flynn played an important role in preventing President Obama from firing cruise missiles into Syria in September 2013.  This made him bête noire among those lusting for precisely that kind of “shock and awe.”


Had Flynn not been removed and replaced by Gen. H.R. McMaster (and the NSC political hacks that produce McMaster’s faux-intelligence), Flynn might have committed the same sin three weeks ago.  He may well have tried to restrain President Trump from his unseemly rush to blame Syria for the chemical event in Idlib Province on April 4 and then firing off Tomahawk cruise missiles just two days later – absent any credible proof that the Syrian government was the culprit.


No matter; with the help of the “mainstream” media and arms industry-bought-and-paid-for politicians, Trump’s popularity zoomed.  Neither McMaster nor “Mad-Dog” Mattis put the brakes on Trump’s indefensibly rash decision (there is serious question as to whether they even had enough time to do so).  Then they lied (just as Condoleezza Rice and Donald Rumsfeld did before the attack on Iraq) in attempt to “justify” it.


It is said that those who do not learn from history will repeat it.  Trouble is, the neocons-cum-Israel-lobby, the arms industry, and the HWHW do learn from history.  That’s why Flynn had to go.  Ray welcomed the chance to go into some detail as to how they managed to get rid of Flynn.  Even some “progressive” HWHW-friendly outlets have shown a determination to focus exclusively on other issues – Flynn’s irrational hatred for Iran, for example – and an aversion to seeing anything good in this complex character.  But helping to prevent an unnecessary war was good.