Normally, you cannot die laughing.  But now you can spend a year in prison for it.  A friend of Ray’s, Code Pink activist Desiree Fairooz, was convicted Wednesday by a jury in DC Superior Court of “disorderly and disruptive conduct” for breaking out laughing during Sen. Jeff Sessions’s nomination hearing for Attorney General last January.

Here’s Stephen Colbert’s take on this macabre set of circumstances:

May 5, 2017 (two minutes)


Would you have been able to suppress a laugh, when Session’s colleague, Sen. Richard Shelby (R, Alabama) intoned: “Jeff Sessions extensive record of treating all Americans as equal under the law is clear and documented?”  Fairooz said, “I just couldn’t hold it in: it was spontaneous. It was an immediate rejection of what I considered an outright lie or pure ignorance.”




Meanwhile, back in Syracuse, NY, Ray must appear in court with 11 others of the “Jerry Berrigan Brigade” this Wednesday.  There is more on the “Jerry Berrigan Brigade” on  Look for the thin wood larger-than-life-size cutouts behind which they stood to block entry to the killing studios.


The people of the State of New York have charged them with “obstructing the administration of government, trespass, and disorderly conduct” for their witness at Hancock drone base on January 28, 2016.


Hopefully, no one in court will say anything to provoke reflex laughing from any of the above “perps.”


As for the Good Friday witness last month, the people of the State of New York have not yet formally charged Ray and eight colleagues who were arrested at Hancock on April 14.  But these perps have been summoned to appear in court this Tuesday and Wednesday to answer for “trespass and disorderly conduct” for their non-violent action on Good Friday.


Here is a link to an edited (8-minute) video of the Good Friday witness against drone killing:




The actions of the Upstate Coalition and other witnesses against killing by drone have recently generated some instructive publicity.  Below, courtesy of Judith Bello of Upstate Drone Action, are links to two articles that highlight what is happening in Upstate New York; what town leaders, eager to host their bases, do and why; and the national import of those bases and the resistance work to expose the illegal killing.


Author/activist Norman Solomon recently interviewed anti-drone-killing activists in Syracuse and spent some time near Hancock drone base.  He wrote: Finding New Homes for Lethal Drones.  Sam Husseini of the Institute for Public Accuracy has spread the word nationally describing the witness actions in Syracuse and elsewhere. Intrigued by the fact that – for many of those who witness – such actions, in their inspiration and presentation, spring from deeply Christian roots, Sam wrote: Beyond Being Drones.