When will we ever learn?

Here is what Mosul, which used to be one of Iraq’s most populous cities, looks like now, after “coalition” forces destroyed the city in order to save it.

(two minutes)

Looking back, bombs, rockets and napalm obliterated much of the South Vietnamese town of Ben Tre — killing hundreds of civilians who lived there, on February 7, 1968. (The U.S. military, you see, had to destroy the town in order to save it from the terrorists, err, I mean Communists…whatever.)

Later that day, an unidentified American officer gave Associated Press reporter Peter Arnett a memorable explanation for the destruction. Arnett used it in the opening of the story he wrote:

“It became necessary to destroy the town to save it,” a U.S. major said Wednesday.
He was talking about the grim decision that allied commanders made when Viet Cong attackers overran most of this Mekong Delta city 45 miles southwest of Saigon. They decided that regardless of civilian casualties they must bomb and shell the once placid river city of 35,000 to rout the Viet Cong forces.