Ray on his fellow Fordham alumnus John Brennan and just how “distinguished” he really is…

Law and Disorder radio hosts Michael Steven Smith and Heidi Boghosian (attorneys in the mold of the prophetic Michael Ratner) invited Ray to discuss the latest outrage at Ray’s alma mater, Fordham University.  Fordham had just announced the appointment of one of its own, former CIA Director John Brennan (College 1977) as “Distinguished Fellow for Global Security” at the Law School.  Brennan is, indeed, a distinguished fellow, and Ray was given a half-hour to explain just how distinguished, in view of the moral values taught earlier at “The Jesuit University in the City of New York.”


Recorded on September 13, 2017 (Ray’s interview runs from minute 28 to 57.)


It is not as though the Jesuits had not been warned by their own prophets.  For example, in To Dwell in Peace published 30 years ago, Daniel Berrigan, SJ, wrote of “the fall of a great enterprise,” the Jesuit university. He recorded his “hunch” that the university would end up “among those structures whose moral decline and political servitude signalize a larger falling away of the culture itself.”


Dan lamented “highly placed” churchmen and their approval of war, “uttered with sublime confidence, from on high, from highly placed friendships, and White House connections.”  “Thus compromised,” warned Berrigan, “the Christian tradition of nonviolence, as well as the secular boast of disinterested pursuit of truth, these are reduced to bombast, hauled out for formal occasions, believed by no one, practiced by no one.”


Dan died at age 94 on April 30, 2016 in the Jesuit infirmary at Fordham.  His passing seems to have been a blessing for him — in more ways than one.  He would have taken no delight at this latest sign that he had been prescient in seeing where Fordham was headed.