Huffington Post Pulls Down Article That Runs Afoul of DNC/HuffPost Guidelines on Russia-gate

Here’s what the link to longtime HuffPost contributor Joe Lauria’s recent article – an excellent summary of recent developments on Russia-gate – looks like 24 hours after it initially slipped by the HuffPost censors.  (The original message on the broken link to the story was “Something Has Gone Terribly Wrong.”)

But fear not, we include below a link to the original text.

Seems a safe bet that it was the anodyne title that Lauria gave his article, “On the Origins of Russia-gate,” that enabled him to duck under the early-warning radar and post his nonconformist piece – if only for a day.  At that point it may have been discovered by the HuffPost double-check thought police still trying to heal from the virulent HWHW (Hillary Would Have Won) virus, impotence that has run rampant since November 9, 2016.

Equally possible, HuffPost readers complained.  Small wonder that they would do so.  Having imbibed so much “Russia-gate” Kool-Aid it may have been impossible to stomach recent fact-based news – for example, the information that the Clinton campaign and the DNC chipped in for the scurrilous “opposition research” memo cobbled together by former British spy Christopher Steele.

Lauria sees no reason, other than political censorship, for the un-posting of his fact-based article.  Fortunately, he put the initial posting into a pdf version; see the link below: