Jim Woolsey and Ray debate the intelligence on Iraq on the Charlie Rose show in 2004

August 20, 2004 (26 minutes)

The occasion was the debut of the full-length documentary “Uncovered: The War on Iraq,” produced and directed by Robert Greenwald during 2003-2004, in which many early VIPSers played more than just cameo roles.  “Uncovered” premiered in New York City in August 2004 and Robert asked Ray to accompany him to the various media events that had been arranged to promote the film.

While there we got word that former CIA Director James Woolsey wanted to debate Greenwald about the film on the Charlie Rose show.  Robert refused, offering me instead.  The half-hour with James Woolsey left Ray very grateful that he had left CIA before Woolsey arrived.

Woolsey comes up with “new evidence” supporting the yellowcake uranium fable and, when Ray mentions Israel, Woolsey plays the anti-semitic card.  Woolsey’s hair has not changed in the 14 years since, but Ray’s has, as he keeps trying to make some sense out of the things Woolsey and his crowd still say and do.

“Uncovered: The War on Iraq” may be worth digging out, in retrospect, on anniversary of the initial attack.  Yesterday, a friend happened to send Ray the link to the video of the Woolsey-McGovern debate, such as it was, with Charlie Rose letting Ray get a word in now and then.  Ray found Charlie an empty suit on this kind of issue — a very nice looking suit, to be sure, but empty.  And, of course, Ray did not know the half of it.