Silencing of Assange Sparks Historic Ten-Hour Online Vigil To #ReconnectJulian

By Elizabeth Vos, Editor-in-Chief at Disobedient Media
March 29, 2018

Right after it became known on March 28 that Ecuador had silenced Julian Assange by cutting off his Internet access, phone, and ability to have visitors at the Ecuadorian embassy in London, friends of Julian orchestrated an online conversation/vigil under the banner #ReconnectJulian, while supporters in London gathered in front of the embassy.

The live-streamed expression of solidarity stretched to over ten hours, and is embedded in Elizabeth Vos’s article. Ray welcomed being asked to take part and spent five of those hours as a panelist. The particular segment in which he was asked to talk about Julian in general and his current predicament runs from 2:49:30 to 3:55:55 (including Q & A).