Toward the end of this TV interview by Michael Welch of Global Research, Ray looks back at the last time a U.S. President and VP (Cheney and Bush) planned to attack Iran (in 2008).  They were thwarted by an honest National Intelligence Estimate in Nov. 2007, which concluded Iran was NOT working on a nuclear weapon. Is there a new NIE reversing that judgment?
May 23, 2018 (31 minutes)

Ray also notes the emergence of a de facto Russia-China alliance — a slow but steady tectonic strategic shift brought about largely by hubris and incompetence on Washington’s part.  U.S. policy makers are operating out of an outdated paradigm of U.S. hegemony.  Someone ought to explain that to them before they do something really dangerous.

The interview starts with a brief discussion of Ray’s witness at Gina Haspel’s confirmation hearing in the Senate, what her confirmation means for the CIA, and Ray’s brief incarceration (Court date tomorrow).  He adds a personal vignette about the neuralgic reaction by U.S. politicians to any straightforward explanation of Israel’s tactics and goals — and the trouble they make for U.S. interests.