Good News: Social Media Rivulets Can Drown Mainstream: The “fatal” poisoning of the Skripals in UK, actually, is poisoning any residual credibility still enjoyed by bottom-feeding stenographers disguised as journalists. Cold warriors are in Panic.  See: Putin At War: Social Media Surge on Skripal

By The Atlantic Council Digital Forensic Lab, April 5,2018
Hat tip to Fred Weir and EastWestAccord: See: ]

The following is excerpted from witty Weir’s comment on facebook, June 21, 2018:

“Russian news influences”

“I keep seeing stories like this [see the link — the first link above], literally dozens of them, whose main thrust is a breathless warning that Russian news influences — whether from direct sources like RT or “Kremlin line” ones like the Ron Paul Institute [?!?!?] — are totally wiping the floor with mainstream media, along with Western government press departments and the whole universe of Western think tanks, NGO’s and opinion setters. …

“What this [arch-Establishment Atlantic Council] article, and all the others like it, fails to address is what I would have thought is the giant polka-dotted elephant in the room: how the hell are they doing that? … how exactly are these Russian opinion-changing alchemists [causing people to] doubt their own government and media? … the Russians can’t possibly match the firepower of the Western mainstream media, and all of its resources, so what is it? Black magic? Some secret PR sauce? Have the British public been infected by a virus that makes them susceptible to certain Russki keywords? …”
The virus, of course, is a virulent one; it is called truth.  Those who deal in it can take some encouragement from the above … and perhaps even some Schadenfreude at the panicking bottom feeders and their masters.