Is VIPS Working for Russia?

A fellow named Duncan Campbell, who many years ago reported on UK officialdom, clearly has had too much free time lately. He has concluded that VIPS is working for the Russians — perhaps as useful idiots:

Inoculation from Campbell’s turgid prose can be found in two recent videos:

Bill Binney: It Was NOT a Russian Hack

Interview with Jason Ross Joseph
August 6, 2018 (10 minutes)


Yes, Everyone Is Lying About The DNC Server Scandal
Jimmy Dore with John Kiriakou
published on August 10, 2018 (10 minutes)

Other “investigators” are now spreading Campbell around like soup; none have had the courage to get in touch with Bill Binney or other VIPS — still less to challenge or debate.

VIPS are thick skinned, and take pride in being kicked by some of the same folks who are, as Julian Assange’s mother Christine put it in a recent tweet, “bravely kicking Assange while his hands and feet are tied behind his back.”. Their smear campaign is intrinsically invalid, and they should be told so at every opportunity. … [They] do not fight fairly or with honour. Their weapon of choice is smear. … What they fear more than anything else is an informed public!

Watch tomorrow for Patrick Lawrence’s one-year-after follow-up to his August 9, 2017 article in The Nation “A New Report Raises Big Questions About Last Year’s DNC Hack” (which was based largely on VIPS #50 of July 24, 2017, “Intel Vets Challenge ‘Russia Hack’ Evidence).”