After what the UN has twice called Julian Assange’s “arbitrary detention” became solitary confinement with Julian rendered incommunicado on March 28, “Unity4J” was born — described initially as a “Non-Violent Digital Army for Julian.” Since then Online Solidarity Vigils have been held almost monthly.  Here are links to the full interview cuts from the latest vigil.  There were more than 70,000 live viewers.

Highlighted are a few that may be of particular interest — see 13, 14, AND 19, for example.  Also, see note attached to Craig Murray’s, who has become the Robert Parry of the UK — in addition to his other incredible creds, so to speak.
1. Intro: Suzie Dawson interviewing Joe Lauria
2. Joe Lauria interviewing Margaret Kimberley
3. Margaret Kimberley interviewing Nat Parry
4. Nat Parry interviewing Daniel McAdams
** 5. Daniel McAdams interviewing Ray McGovern
** 6. Ray McGovern interviewing Graham Elwood
7. Graham Elwood interviewing Alastair Thompson
8. Alastair Thompson interviewing Catherine Austin Fitts
9. Catherine Austin Fitts interviewing Mehdi Taileb
10. Mehdi Taileb interviewing Mark Sleboda
11. Mark Sleboda interviewing Cathy Vogan
12. Cathy Vogan interviewing Lee Stranahan
** 13. Lee Stranahan interviewing Craig Murray
For updates, see Craig Murray’s blog — a recent posting addressing the latest drivel from Establishment London, for example, begins with:
“Russia has developed an astonishing new technology enabling its secret agents to occupy precisely the same space at precisely the same time….”
** 14. Suzie Dawson interviewing Bill Binney
15. Suzie Dawson interviewing Niko House
16. Joe Lauria interviewing George Szamuely
17. George Szamuely interviewing Don DeBar
18. Don DeBar interviewing Ann Garrison
** 19. Joe Lauria interviewing Daniel Ellsberg