Ray Interviewed by Rob Kall

On Sept. 7, 2018 Ray gave two relaxed video interviews to Rob Kall, founder of the excellent website opednews.com. The first is here:
(60 minutes)

Among the issues discussed:

— Impeachment: why Conyers wouldn’t; why we should; the wisdom of the Founders

— Syria: Trump’s neocons keep the pot boiling for Israel

— Putin: Would someone please tell me who is in charge in Washington?

— KEY FACTOR; the media never worse; sadly, including “progressive” media

Ser Cristiano hoy en día significa no temer, no callar por miedo — Romero. Trying to follow the example of a murdered Palestinian Jew named Issa (in Arabic)

— Dan Berrigan on the “secondary” importance of “results.”
— What moves one to risk arrest, getting beaten up? What was the first time like?

— The key advantage enjoyed by people with gray hair; the moral imperative, hoy en dia, to put that advantage into play

— Shameless plug for raymcgovern.com: If you don’t get it, you don’t get it! :))

Part 2 (the 2nd interview) coming tomorrow.