“Progressives” Rally to Protect Mueller; Prefer to Wait for Godot

By Ray McGovern, November 11, 2018
“Hope springs eternal.”  As MoveOn and other Democratic Party oriented organizations orchestrate pre-emptive demonstrations to protect Saint Robert Mueller and his endless investigation, it seems only fair to ask how much more time they think he needs. Is it not time to wind things up?
After all, it is not as though Mueller was some kind of neophyte when appointed a year and a half ago to investigate collusion, if any, between Russia and the Trump campaign.  Mueller had headed the FBI for 12 full years.  If he didn’t know who might be able to tell him where the bodies are buried, so to speak, could it possibly be that there are no bodies of the kind he is searching for?
So far, the wrong bodies have been inadvertently exhumed — those of former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, lawyer Lisa Page, and lover/sleuth Peter Strzok, for example.  Clearly, they are not the ones for whom Mueller mounted a full-court press to force a turn-over.

A counter-intuitive Guardian report [[[[[  https://readersupportednews.org/news-section2/318-66/53305-thousands-rally-to-protect-mueller-and-a-historic-victory-for-voting-rights ]]]]] brought to mind relevant reporting in the past on Mueller, under whom former FBI Division Counsel and Special Agent Coleen Rowley worked.  She got to know him in an  immediate way via his reactions to the two memoranda she wrote directly to him (later made public) about his covering up several still-not-satisfactorily-explained FBI screw-ups that helped make the attacks of 9/11 possible, and about his support for the fraudulent “intelligence” on WMD before the war on Iraq.

In a February 2018 article (see link below), Coleen Rowley and Nat Parry found it more than somewhat odd — “nuts,” actually — that “liberals” were going to such inordinate lengths to defend Mueller and his predicate-poor probe.

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