Free Verse That Provokes

Excellent Vocation
By Mark Curey, unknown to Ray, who emailed Ray the following of the blue

I have just come back Stateside
Most of the working years overseas
What is most strange..
Not that folks agree or disagree 
as to Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Libya,
Niger and ?
Not that folks don’t know why
they hold a position
Not that folks agree or disagree on
Iran or North Korea or Venezuela
Not that folks agree or disagree as
To Russia or China
Even one’s positions from pacifism to
just war theory to treaties to interventionists
All of it…

What is most shocking?
Relatively speaking nobody is
speaking or thinking
We have swung from moral relativism
to not knowing anything to not
wanting to know anything to not 
not wanting to think at all

How can one have a nation without
a curious and educated citizenry 
Folks humans are lazy to do
our P.T. but we are neglecting our minds
A mind is a beautiful thing along with the body
Yet without thinking about the highest things
the soul shrivels

Your soul is not shriveled Ray
Let’s stay irreverent brother

How can we not read and not take
seriously Article I Section 8?
Clear as a bell
How has Congress abrogated for decades
its constitutional duty as to Article 1
Section 8 ? How? Why?

How could any President want to usurp
The authority of Congress as to Article
1 section 8? What sane person would 
assume a moral or legal responsibility
for something that risks their very soul
that they lack the authority for ?

It is so precious that the people
decide through our representative 
democracy. This necessitates a
national conversation.
They can’t make the case in the light of day
So we bomb at night
Gil Scott Heron was premature
The bombings will be televised
With colorful graphics

Congress prefers the middle of the night 
And the folks rally round the flag
” The love of one’s country is a terrible thing “
Patriot Game Liam Clancy 
Riveting lines
And voila 
First time EVER
War Powers Act 1973..
First time reaches any President’s desk
Veto as to Yemen
No one is talking about it
No one is covering it 
Forget about an opinion
The opposition to love is not hate
It is apathy

Common sense men like you risk
Being derided for being alarmist
by complicit sheep
Don’t rock the boat nation
Get yours while you can
Dreams of avarice
The left and the right are materialism
run amok
The here and now
No discussion on the War Powers Act

You have a few politicians through the years
Pounding the issue
Pat Buchanan
Ron and Rand Paul
Tulsi Gabbard
But they are attacked with the ad 
hominem that they offer you.
Anti semitic
It chills the debate, journalism, and the
1st amendment
Folks are scared
Career over country
No one wants the label that 
Kills so they enable others to be
Killed literally
The imperial presidency 
We threw off the king but we all
Want our Saviour 

Coolidge was maybe the last humble guy 
In the office 
It’s a shame
No one cares
Trump is being deceptive over this
As they all raise the flag on the Russia hoax
The hoax is on us 
I appreciate your example 
You are fighting that good fight
I am not a pacifist but I am only
One inch to the right of pacifism
Just war theory … defense only..
We are so far from that

The mechanism is there in the
Constitutional framework to
Avoid the abuse of power
And yet Congress abrogated a long time ago
And the people abrogated too
Apathy is the opposite of love
Your speeches are animated with
Anything but apathy Ray
You are making a difference in helping
Snap potential citizens out of their
Apathy to force the constitutional

I think that that focus while not
A guarantee not to be duped but
Apathy makes us complicit
The enabling nation
My mentors taught me in
I try to do the same
We are in the efforts business Ray
God is the results business
Speaking of God
Our church has lost her voice
And moral and intellectual Authority
A terrible loss to the West 
God bless you Ray