Ray in freewheeling discussion taped on June 21, 2019
(Primo Nutmeg program #180)

After brief intro to the program, moderator Steve offers some personal comments on the Democratic debates (from minute 1:45 to 5:38).  He then turns to Ray with some good questions, leading to a relaxed, discursive (sometimes funny) discussion of several front-burner issues for the next 99 minutes.  Included are:

Iran; Israel; the greater Middle East; why relations with Russia went so sour in early 2014 (clues: HRC and MICIMATT); Russia-gate/Deep-State-gate; how the Department of Justice recently threw James Comey under the bus; Comey’s odd behavior in deferring to the shadowy firm CrowdStrike for forensics on DNC computers, and then never insisted on a final report from CrowdStrike; Ray’s friend Julian Assange; and Tulsi Gabbard.