Mueller Agonistes: Over-the-Hill Marine Can’t Take the Hill
July 24, 2019 (56 minutes)

Dan Lazare, Adjamu Baraka, and Ray joined Dr. Wilmer Leon’s “The Critical Hour” Wednesday afternoon to comment on Robert Mueller’s testimony to the House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees right after Mueller was finished (in more ways than one).  Ray, who shares with Mueller the dubious distinction of having reached the “age of statutory senility,” expressed some sympathy for hangdog, forgetful, senior-moment-afflicted Mueller amid the elder-abuse to which he was subjected.

It became quickly — and sadly — clear that Mueller genuinely could not remember — or, at times, did not even seem to be aware of — some of the most salient points in his own embarrassing report, after supposedly working on it for two years plus.  And his faltering came, after he had asked for and gotten an extra week to cram for his big test(imony).  The bulk of “The Critical Hour” was devoted to more substantive issues, with interesting insights from Dan Lazare and Adjamu Baraka, as well as Wilmer Leon and Ray, on the just-completed testimony.

To objective observers, it was entirely predictable that the not-very-bright Judiciary Committee chair Jerrold Nadler and his Intelligence Committee counterpart Adam Schiff would be shooting themselves in the foot by insisting that Mueller testify.  He was not a good witness — for either side — and that is a huge understatement.  As for the benighted Mueller personally, he should have called in sick, as Ray had been suggesting for weeks.

With the Democrats, it was still more of the gift that won’t stop giving — giving, that is, to Trump and his prospects for a second term.  The emotionally and physically crestfallen, often stumbling witness was a far cry from the lusted-after Deus ex Mueller the Democrats had been hoping would magically appear and rescue the ruse.  As the hours of testimony droned on, that became abundantly clear.

During the short breaks in Mueller’s testimony to the Judiciary committee, NBC commentators could not disguise their chagrin.  Deeply disappointed Russia-gate drone Chuck Todd called Mueller’s performance a “disaster,” complaining that Mueller had “no color, no contrast.”  Andrea Mitchell bemoaned Mueller’s lack of assertiveness and called him “frail.”  It was duly noted that he appeared tired, that he will be 75 in just two weeks, and that the investigation clearly had taken its toll on him.

Were it not in complete disarray, the law profession would own up to the embarrassment — the misfeasance — displayed by this hero with clay feet.  It is nothing short of scandalous that no one, Democrat or Republican, asked Mueller to provide tangible evidence that Russia hacked into DNC computers or that there was any evidence, other than Mueller’s say-so, that the Internet Research Agency in St. Petersburg was a Russian government operation. The Congressmen and women on Judiciary are all lawyers.  They know that a prosecutor can easily convince a grand jury to indict a ham sandwich, as the saying goes in legal circles.

And yet, no one asked for any proof, beyond Mueller’s ipse dixit, that “the Russian government interfered in the 2016 presidential election in sweeping and systematic fashion,” as stated in his report.  Are they all so afraid of being seen to be “in Putin’s pocket” that they shrink from asking the questions any lawyer should ask?

Thus, CNN is able to get away with this kind of drivel:

Washington (CNN) The biggest takeaway from Robert Mueller’s appearances on Capitol Hill is … that Russians are still interfering in US elections.  “They’re doing it as we sit here,” Mueller told lawmakers. (See: .)

Impeachment was mentioned, and during the interview Ray made the point, once again, that there were plenty of high crimes and misdemeanors to warrant proceeding full speed ahead to impeach President Trump, and that the Dems need to jettison the made-up stuff on Russia-gate that even Mueller was a weak reed in trying to support try as he may.  God knows there is already enough to impeach the man on.

House speaker Nancy Pelosi, however, is again putting politics ahead of the Constitution.  Ray had a front-row seat watching Pelosi and John Conyers ignore their duty under the Constitution 12 years ago, when Pelosi made the fateful decision not to impeach George W. Bush: (See: “Don’t Be Afraid, Nancy, IMPEACH” .)

Those interested in a more fact-oriented approach to all this, could do a lot worse than skimming through a couple of the articles linked below: