Did Murdered DNC Staffer Seth Rich Leak the Hillary-Damaging Emails?

(as discussed on CN Live! on July 26, 2019)

This issues surrounding the July 10, 2016 murder of DNC employee Seth Rich remain forbidden fruit for corporate media, with the pitiable exception of poor Michael Isikoff (of “Russian Roulette” fame), who keeps heaping discredit upon himself by stitching together out of whole cloth stories his paymasters at Yahoo News seem to like.

In contrast, in a reprise of The White Rose Nazi resisters Sophie and Hans Scholl, whose by-word was “We Will Not Be Silent,” Consortium News Editor in Chief Joe Lauria and co-host of CN Live!, investigative reporter Elizabeth Vos, have undertaken to confront the neuralgic issue of Seth Rich head on.
In a word, they are outright guilty of practicing real journalism — and remain unrepentant..

Homing in on what Seth and Aaron Rich seem to have been involved in, Lauria and Vos unabashedly harken back to now-arcane investigative techniques like, for example, interviewing people who may be in a position to know something relevant.  Moreover, mirable dictu, a Court proceeding now under way is likely to move the truth closer to front and center, just as other Court trials have debunked the evidence-less charge that the Internet Research Agency is controlled by the Russian government, and — hold onto your hat — the until-now unquestioned assumption that there is credible proof that the Russians “hacked” into the DNC in the first place.  (If that comes as news to you, let us suggest that you click on raymcgovern.com or consortiumnews.com more regularly.)

CN Live! was live-streamed yesterday afternoon EDT.  If you missed the segments in which Ed Butowsky is interviewed by Lauria and Ray gives his own take on the Rich case and on fallen hero Robert Mueller, you can watch/hear the replay at:

Minutes:1:01:16 to 1:03:15: Lauria alludes to Isikoff’s imaginative reporting, and then introduces Ed Butowsky

1:03:15 to 1:41:52: Lauria Interviews Butowski

1:51:30 to 2:17:15: Ray’s commentary and Lauria’s preview of next week’s CN Live!