It’s Finally Time for DNC Email Evidence

By Patrick Lawrence, August 5, 2019

Lawrence wrote an equally good piece last August (See *** below) marking the first anniversary of the Memorandum in which VIPS told the President of forensic evidence casting doubt on the claim that Russia, or anyone else, hacked into the DNC.  Here’s how that article started:

A year has passed since highly credentialed intelligence professionals produced the first hard evidence that allegations of mail theft and other crimes attributed to Russia rested on purposeful falsification and subterfuge.

Well, another August is here — still without any credible substantive challenge to VIPS’ main conclusions in 2017.  And now, even U.S. District Judges are scratching their heads, asking (in legalese) Where’s the beef?

The way that so many people still have their heads in the sand, there is the (sad) prospect that that Patrick Lawrence will have to write a three-years-after piece next August.  As Mark Twain is said to have warned, “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.” Plus, after three years of “Russia-Russia-Russia” in the corporate — and even in some “progressive” — media, this conditioning will not be easy to reverse.
Here’s how one observer described the situation last week, in a comment under one of Ray’s pieces on Consortium News:

“… One can write the most thought-out and well documented academic-like essays, articles and reports and the true believers in Russiagate will dismiss it all with a mere flick of their wrist. The mockery and scorn directed towards those of us who knew the score from day one won’t relent. They could die and go to heaven and ask god what really happened during the 2016 election. God would reply to them in no uncertain terms that Putin and the Russians had absolutely nothing to do with anything in ‘16, and they’d all throw up their hands and say, “aha! So, God’s in on this too!”  [Emphasis added.]

“It’s the great lie that won’t die.  The cog-dis is simply too much.” 

*** Too Big to Fail’: Russia-gate One Year After VIPS Showed a Leak, Not a HackBy Patrick Lawrence, August 13, 2019