“Kim.com” Comments on Seth Rich

By Ray McGovern

In a long interview with Consortium News Editor Joe Lauria a few months ago in New Zealand, Kim.com provided a wealth of detail, based on what he described as first-hand knowledge, regarding how Democratic National Committee documents were leaked to WikiLeaks in 2016.  Former NSA Technical Director Bill Binney joined Lauria and co-host Elizabeth Vos, in commenting on Lauria’s interview with Kim.com, which was shown during the fourth edition of CN Live last Friday.

The interview with Kim.com is broken down into three segments, each with following commentary.  The segmented interview starts at minute 45:35 and goes to 1:58:15, with intermittent commentary and with Binney adding still more remarks until minute  2:15:00.  George Szamuely adds his own remarks at the end until minute 2:34:30.

There they go again, the incorrigible Joe Lauria & and the Nevertheless-She Persisted Elizabeth Vos, practicing the forgotten art of agenda-free journalism — including actually interviewing key players like Michael Isikoff, Ed Butowski, and Kim Dot.com.

IMPORTANT: The evidence presented by Kim.com about Seth Rich can be verified or disproven if President Trump summons the courage to order the Director of NSA to dig out the relevant data, including the conversations to which Kim.com refers — and if the NSA Director complies with the order (which, sadly, is not a foregone conclusion).  Trump has flinched more than once rather than confront the Deep State — and this time there are a bunch of very well connected, senior Deep State practitioners who could end up in prison. George Szamuely, the wrap-up commentator, expressed doubt that Trump has it in him to face them down.

Szamuely’s doubts are surely warranted, and the smart money should be put on his view.  The question this time around, though, is whether Attorney General William Barr, DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz, and special DOJ investigator John Durham — not to mention Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Lindsey Graham — will come up with such such tangible, convincing proof that Russia-gate was a fraud from the get-go, that the President will overcome his fears.

If he does, and if he gives his investigators freedom to pursue the evidence where it leads —  without fear or favor vis-a-vis the Deep State — the die will be cast.  But don’t expect Brennan, Clapper, Comey, et al. to go without a major fight.  The next several months are bound to be highly interesting.  Among other things, they are likely to provide good insight into who is in actually in charge in Washington.