Israel’s Many Wars

Escalating could be intended to involve the United States
By Philip Giraldi, September 3, 2019

“Israel has also confirmed that, during Syria’s civil war, it conducted hundreds of strikes against pro-Iranian militias and ammunition depots to prevent the transfer of missiles to Hezbollah in Lebanon.”

It has been six years since then NY Times Bureau Chief in Jerusalem, Jodi Rudoren, had a strikingly candid lede article on page 1 of the Times (on September 6, 2013), quoting senior Israeli officials admitting that their “preferred outcome” in the armed hostilities in Syria was “no outcome.”
Among other advantages Israel saw in encouraging more open U.S. military involvement in Syria, was the fact that, with chaos in Syria, Israel was more easily able to disrupt the supply of arms to Hezbollah.

Rudoren’s article was extraordinarily candid.  “Israel Backs Limited Strike Against Syria” is worth a re-read.